The Malta Independent 17 June 2019, Monday

Rallying the troops: Delia says he will not escape his responsibilities

Friday, 11 January 2019, 08:38 Last update: about 6 months ago

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia last night said that the personal attacks he faced in the past days did not keep him back from doing his duties as Leader of the Opposition.

“When truth and hope are threatened, people who believe in righteousness and democracy come forward. The PN represents all the people who are genuine,” he told a sizeable group of party activists and volunteers.


Delia said that during Christmas week it was clear that there were people who wanted to attack him and the PN in a malicious way. Instead of running away, he said he continued to meet people, including many who are living in poverty or experiencing solitude.

The PN is the party of righteousness and tolerance. It did not have financial strength, but it was strong in its convictions and determination. Anyone with goodwill should join the party in its fight against the corrupt government, he said.

Delia said the PN will continue to defend the value of life. The government believes that eight cells do not constitute human life, but the PN will continue to defend life in the womb. It will also fight corruption, is determined to give hospitals back to the people and will not stop speaking against the way Minister Konrad Mizzi wants to hand public land to the private sector.

The PN will continue to support people who are doing well in society and be of assistance to others who are mostly in need, Delia said. 


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