The Malta Independent 21 May 2019, Tuesday

Government needs to build on big achievements made in connectivity sector

Francis Zammit Dimech Friday, 1 March 2019, 13:31 Last update: about 4 months ago

In his weekly vlog MEP Francis Zammit Dimech recounts how 27 years ago the Malta International Airport Terminal was inaugurated. Back then he was Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and was responsible for the setting up of the company that runs the airport - the Malta International Airport. He said that last year the airport handled a record of 6.8 million passengers including several Maltese and Gozitans. He added that the MIA made a profit of €30.3 million for 2018. He remarked that the setting up of MIA revolutionised the way we travel including the new commercial aspects within the airport itself.


He also spoke about another of his achievement as Minister for tourism - the introduction of low cost airlines in Malta, another revolution that changed our tourism, and that was also possible thanks to the setup of the terminal. This policy decision opened not only opportunities for Maltese to travel to new destinations with lower prices, but also boosted tourism and created new jobs.

Speaking of aviation, Zammit Dimech said that it was important to have connectivity with Gozo too. PN administration had invested in a helipad. The news that the Maltese Government intends to re-start the helicopter service between the islands of Malta and Gozo is a positive step. However, the Government should take other measures with immediate effect. These include the introduction of the fourth car passenger vessel, the introduction of a fast-ferry service and the reintroduction of the discontinued cargo service. He said that time is up for the government to search for a fourth vessel and that it was time for the government to deliver results.

He said that even from the European Parliament he would be working further to reap all opportunities for the benefit of Malta and its citizens.

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