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The rise of NB Marketing

Wednesday, 20 March 2019, 10:39 Last update: about 5 months ago

After having studied Marketing and worked in the sales and marketing industry throughout all her career, NB Marketing's Director Nadine Bruno, felt it was time to start applying her knowledge and wealth of experience to more than one sector of business. This resulted in the birth of NB Marketing in 2018.

'The idea behind the business is providing marketing services to various businesses in different sectors of the market. In fact, our current clients all pertain to a different industry and that inspires us and motivates us to take on the next challenge with renewed enthusiasm' Nadine tells us.


Make no mistake; the letters "NB" are Nadine Bruno's initials but that is not the only reason behind this name's choice. The double significance is in the meaning of the letters "NB" as used in the English language: 'used before a piece of important information to make certain that readers notice it'. This is exactly what NB Marketing aims to do; to draw the attention of your target audience to you, your business and what you have to offer and to engage with this audience.

No matter the size and which market the business is operating in, marketing is absolutely essential. However, not all companies require or can justify employing a full-time marketing manager. This is where NB Marketing comes in. They get to know you and your company. They learn about the environment you operate in to then be able to support, guide and advise you on the best practices to take your company to new levels.

NB Marketing caters for various business's marketing needs. Whether it's traditional or the ever-growing field of digital marketing, NB Marketing will work to satisfy your needs by giving your business the one-to-one attention it deserves in order to flourish and be successful. 'Whether your company needs some temporary guidance or a key player to complement your current team, rest assured that your business's success will become our priority' Nadine says.


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