The Malta Independent 23 July 2019, Tuesday

Delia demands investigation on persons who falsified his signature

Saturday, 23 March 2019, 19:00 Last update: about 5 months ago

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia on Saturday evening said he had written to the police commissioner to demand an investigation into the falsification of his signature by unknown persons.

In a press conference, Delia said that he had asked the commissioner to discover what links there were between documents with false signatures containing allegations that there exists an FIAU report which concerns him and which was leaked to The Times.


Delia said that questions on the report had been sent to him by the newspaper hours after he, as opposition leader, had criticised the government for hijacking the country’s institutions, including the FIAU, the police, the army and the AG’s office.

This also happened, he said, hours after the government caved in the pressure by the Opposition to divide the role of the AG into two parts.

“While I was carrying out my duties to show how Castille was hijacking the institutions and destroying the country’s reputation, Times of Malta received allegations that (according to TOM) were to be found in an FIAU report and which has been in the possession of the police from March 2018,” Delia said.

It is clear that “somebody wants me to stop the fight against corruption and the hijacking of the institutions”, he added. Somebody is ready to try to “intimidate me and stop me from fighting for righteousness”.

“Somebody wants to destroy me, my family and the Nationalist Party which was always in the forefront in the fight for righteousness, justice and democracy,” he said.

Delia declared that he was never involved in illegal transactions as claimed in the FIAU report.

“I never signed or saw documents that were drawn up with the intention to launder money or that in a way or another I could have known that they were to be used with illegal intentions,” Delia said.

He said that in his profession as a lawyer, he always acted according to law and in the best interests of his clients.

In his letter to police chief Lawrence Cutajar, Delia said that his signature had been falsified on certain documents which were used for financial transactions. “I am writing to you officially to investigate these documents which have false signatures,” Delia wrote.

He said he expected the police to keep him informed about the investigation. “Yesterday, at about 6pm, my office received a list of questions that included allegations and insinuations based on what was described as an FIAU report that was leaked to the media. I am requesting that you provide me with the information if the report really exists and is in police possession as Times of Malta is alleging,” Delia wrote.

In his letter, Delia said that the police had never requested any explanation from him since the report was passed on to it a year ago.

In the light of these allegations, Delia demanded an investigation between the falsified documents and the allegations made by the newspaper in its questions.

Delia, in his letter, denied the allegations that he was involved in an illegal action.


He said that Opposition Leader he had the right to know the details of the allegations being made against him and the right to defend his reputation from malicious attacks, more so when they are based on false sigantures.


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