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Majority of university students against legalisation of abortion - survey

Monday, 25 March 2019, 17:53 Last update: about 5 months ago

The majority of university students are against the legalisation of abortion, according to a survey organized by the University Students' Council (KSU).

58.4% of the 733 university students who participated in the survey believe that abortion should not be legalized. 41.6% are in favour. 

One in every five respondents said abortion should not even be legal when the mother’s life is in danger. The same number said they are against abortion in cases of life-threatening illness on the child.


One in every four strongly disagree with abortion in such cases, while another quarter agree.

Students were also asked about abortion in cases of rape, with one third strongly disagreeing and a third agreeing with abortion in such cases. 15.8% disagree and 11.5% agree.

According to the KSU sample of 733 out of 11,000 students, abortion should not be legalised in cases of disability of the child (64.1%), financial instability (66.7%), any form of addiction (62.2%), not being ready for parenthood (69.5%) and teenage pregnancy (67%).

The majority also said abortion should be illegal when presented with four scenarios - first three months of pregnancy being intrusive (60.2%) or non-invasive (55.3%); second trimester (84.2%), or the last trimester (91.7%).

Slightly less than two-thirds of the respondents were women, which is comparable to the University students’ gender composition.

It was voted upon by all student organisations during the KPS meeting that the survey results would reflect the official position of the students, which is therefore against the legalisation of abortion.

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