The Malta Independent 17 July 2019, Wednesday

Many SMEs tell me of struggles, not of L-Aqwa Zmien - Delia

Noel Grima Sunday, 14 April 2019, 12:34 Last update: about 3 months ago
In the past weeks, while campaigning for the European Parliament and the local council elections, he must have met thousands of SMEs and most of them told him how difficult they are finding it to make some success - far from a l-aqwa zmien as the government prefers to portray it.
Adrian Delia was speaking this morning at Siggiewi, a town he praised for being his home town for many years and which has been home to him and his family.
This is not a pro-business government, he said, but a pro-big business and pro-cronies government.
At St Vincent de Paule Residence, the same contractor was given the same cleaning job for years and years without a call for applications even when according to the law he should not have been allowed to tender.
Konrad Mizzi boasted that Air Malta had made a profit but was later found out to have skipped the airline's fuel bills. The €1.2 million profit he said the airline had made pales in contrast to the €15 million fuel bill.
Edward Scicluna said the country made a surplus last year but it has now been found it made a deficit instead.
Minister Scicluna has been speaking many times about the Moneyval report but unless the government make a miracle between now and July, Malta may be put on a blacklist.
In spite of what the Venice Commission suggested to the government as regards the appointment and promotions of judges and magistrates, 16 out of the latest 17 appointments had partisan links. As Judge emeritus Giovanni Bonello has said, we need 50 years to see the end of these appointments.
The government says these are the victims of years of success but in reality it seems more likely the government has no plan whatsoever without a strategy for anything. Teachers are giving up and people too are giving up on Malta.
At the beginning of his speech Delia made a strong commitment of his party to the Christian faith while this government tried to do away with religious symbols in health centres until it was caught out by the PN media and minister Fearne retracted the order. Did the minister know or the order?
In speeches before Delia's speech, Siggiewi mayor Alessia Psaila Zammit announced the beginning of procedures to have a night centre and later a dementia day centre.
Francis Zammit Dimech said the votes for the elections will begin to be distributed as from this week. David Casa said Malta was the only country where wages had risen the least in the EU while property prices rose by 25%.
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