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Pemix Ltd Introduces Prebiotics in infant nutrition

Malta Independent Sunday, 19 December 2004, 00:00 Last update: about 10 years ago

Pemix Ltd, local agents for Royal Numico with Milupa and Bebelac products, organised a seminar to discuss the introduction of prebiotics in infant nutrition. Doctors, pharmacists, midwives and nurses were invited to attend.

This seminar was addressed by UK clinical nutritionist John Wells and Pemix Medical Field Manager Maria Gatt. Director of Paediatrics Dr Simon Attard Montalto chaired the seminar, which was also attended by Royal Numico Regional Director Dimitris Thomopolous.

Ms Gatt opened the seminar by introducing prebiotics as the innovation in infant nutrition. “Infant nutrition has an impact on the quality of a baby’s future life development. Numico has been researching functional ingredients of breast milk so as to come up with infant formulas that are as close as possible to the natural product.

“It is Numico’s strategy to bring such functional ingredients as are prebiotics, to the market in a value added product that not only adds to the well being of the infant but also results in a better standard in the market,” said Ms. Gatt.

Mr Wells gave a detailed presentation on prebiotics. He said: “Young infants are very vulnerable during their first months and are susceptible to infections. They are born with a poor immune system and need extra protection to stimulate the optimum functioning of their immune system. Prebiotics, which are non-digestible food ingredients occurring naturally in some fruit and vegetables, can make your child’s body more resistant to infections. These special nutrients are also present in breast milk. It is nature’s way of providing newborn babies with a good start in life.”

The addition of prebiotics in various infant milk formulas makes Numico the leader in infant nutrition. The Milupa and Bebelac ranges of milk are the only ones to contain prebiotics, making them the most advanced ever and the closest to breast milk.

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