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Synergene Group Appoints new board members

Malta Independent Monday, 30 May 2005, 00:00 Last update: about 7 years ago

Synergene Biotechnology Group, in line with its expansion programme, has recently appointed several new members to the board of directors of Synergene Technologies Ltd. The new members include Dr Pierre Mallia as chairman and Dr Des Nasser.

Dr Mallia specialises in clinical and biomedical ethics. He is president of the Malta College of Family Doctors and a lecturer in Family Medicine at the University of Malta, where he is also a visiting Lecturer in Medical law and Bioethics. Dr Mallia also sits on the medical panel of the Social Policy Ministry as well as on the executive council of the European Society for Philosophy in Medicine and Health Care (ESPMH).

Dr Mallia is a member (and former secretary) of the Health Ministry’s Bioethics Consultative Committee.

Dr Nasser is a psychiatrist with 30 years experience in Australia in medical administration, health funding and medical politics. His particular interests are neurophysiology and the role of medication in the treatment of depression and addiction.

Regarding his involvement with Synergene, Dr Nasser explained, “As psychiatric disorders have a significant genetic component, and patient responses to medication are genetically determined, I believe that genetics will play an increasing role in diagnosis and treatment. I am very happy to have joined the Board of Synergene Technologies and look forward to seeing the company grow within its expansion programme.”

Mrs Suzanne Nasser has been appointed as alternate Director to Dr Des Nasser. Mrs Nasser was educated in psychology, politics and sociology at the University of New South Whales in Australia and received a Masters degree in psychology from Sydney University.

She has furthered her graduate studies and worked in the USA, UK and Australia. She has worked in the private sector and in the Health Department in Australia as a specialist in change processes and crisis and critical event management. Mrs Nasser has built a reputation as a “trouble shooter” and has been involved in many negotiations between government departments and local councils.

Commenting on these appointments, Synergene Technologies Ltd managing director Mamie Pace said: “The recent appointments of Dr Mallia and Dr and Mrs Desmond Nasser bring great prestige to the Synergene Technologies Board of Directors. We are honoured that they accepted the appointments and the board is now well equipped to assist and direct Synergene with its expansion programme, including ISO accreditation and the establishment of labs and ventures in other countries.”

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