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Around The world in 60 seconds

Malta Independent Tuesday, 10 October 2006, 00:00 Last update: about 9 years ago

Christina Aguilera downloads herself around the globe for the latest Pepsi commercial set to flash across screens for the first time in Malta next Saturday on Show Time ma’ Aceline which starts at 8.45pm.

In Pepsi’s latest commercial, the physical world and the digital realm merge to become one, with the boundaries between fantasy and reality becoming blurred. The advert, Downloaded, is a reflection of how technology increasingly connects music artistes with their international fans.

The commercial opens with Christina in a sound studio recording her album track Here to Stay when suddenly, while reaching for her Pepsi, she is transported to an array of different exotic locations around the world in quick succession. In these varying scenarios she gives a series of one-to-one performances to those who, in downloading her song onto their mobile phones, get more than they could have dreamed of and end up downloading Christina herself.

As the locations change before our eyes, so too does Christina, transforming according to her surroundings, first as a Bedouin temptress in the Arabian desert, then wrapped up against the freezing cold of snowy Prague. She metamorphoses again, this time into a Carnival samba dancer on the beach in Rio, then into a modern-style geisha “live” in Tokyo, finally becoming an Indian princess. In India, she is at last able to grab one of the downloading phones and can return herself to her studio, her work and finally to her Pepsi.

But the journey does not quite end there. The advert culminates in a special, secret guest appearance with one of the world music’s most famous couples, one of whom is trying to get in the action by downloading Christina, this time with even more surprising results.

Commenting on the experience of shooting Downloaded for Pepsi, Christina said: “I’ve had such an amazing time – and the director Tarsem Singh has been amazing to work with. He’s really there, connects with an artist and makes you feel comfortable. I would shoot a video with him any day! It’s been really light and easy and just really fun playing dress-up every day for Pepsi and then running and getting back into my own costume, as Christina.”

What’s more, Pepsi fans around the world can now “download” Christina to their mobile phones too by visiting

Pepsi, as part of PepsiCo International, has a strong heritage with music, bringing unique entertainment experiences and excitement to more than 170 countries. Christina joins the impressive list of world-famous talent with whom PepsiCo International has worked in the past, including Shakira, Ricky Martin, Janet Jackson, Robbie Williams, Pink, Beyoncé Knowles, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and the Spice Girls.

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