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2007 Harvest for Zeppi’s Bajtra Liqueurs

Malta Independent Monday, 20 August 2007, 00:00 Last update: about 7 years ago

The bajtra harvest is once again in full swing. As in past summers, this month has seen truck-loads of prickly pears being brought in by farmers for the Master Group to use in the production of their much sought-after Bajtra Liqueur.

The Bajtra Liqueur, genuinely produced from the traditional Maltese prickly pear, forms part of the company’s renowned brand of Zeppi’s range of liqueurs, which also includes a honey liqueur made from pure Maltese honey and an anisette liqueur blended with local fennel and star anise.

This year also sees the second summer for the fourth liqueur in the Zeppi range, Rummiena. After a very successful year, this summer is already showing the creators of the liqueur that the demand for pomegranate fruit-based products is on the increase.

The pomegranate tree, in Maltese called rummiena (punica granatum), has been cultivated in the Maltese Islands for several centuries. Its fruit has long been associated with medicinal properties and is a common sight in local shrines and paintings devoted to the “Madonna tar-Rummiena” (“Our Lady of the Pomegranate”).

Zeppi’s Rummiena Liqueur is made from the extract obtained by the fermentation of locally-grown pomegranate fruit, providing all the sweet and tart flavours that make the fruit so unique. Apart from being a definite example of genuine Maltese taste, its rich flavours and colour make it a very versatile cocktail base. The local abundance of the pomegranate fruit encouraged the Master Group to produce this liqueur from the enigmatic, apple-sized fruit of glorious colours and curious seeds.

The entire Zeppi’s brand is packaged in different sizes, in attractive, sturdy boxes and makes an ideal souvenir or gift, as it is also a long lasting product. The Master Group is very proud of this brand and the success it is enjoying and has invested very heavily into marketing the brand, making it a favourite with locals and visitors alike.

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