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Astronomical Society Bids to have asteroid named after Mnajdra temples

Malta Independent Sunday, 6 June 2010, 00:00 Last update: about 7 years ago

A suggestion for an asteroid to be named after Malta’s famed Mnajdra temple is being considered by the International Astronomical Union’s Committee on Small Bodies Nomenclature (CSBN), the Astronomical Society of Malta said this week.

The Society recently wrote to the CSBN, following a suggestion by Professor Frank Ventura, proposing the name of Mnajdra for an asteroid, which are also known as minor planets.

The response from the CSBN so far has been positive, the Society said in the latest edition of its newsletter, but it is expected that the process of judging and possible approval will take several months.

If the bid proves successful, an Mnajdra minor planet would be the fourth asteroid with a Maltese connection. Minor planet 2541 Edebono, discovered in 1973 by L. Kohoutek, is named after Professor Edward De Bono; 55082 Xlendi, discovered in 2001 by J. Tichá and M. Tichy, is named after Xlendi, Gozo; and 56329 Tarxien, discovered in 1999 by J. Tichá, is named after the Tarxien prehistoric temples.

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