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Marc Storace, No one-band man

Malta Independent Sunday, 20 June 2010, 00:00 Last update: about 9 years ago

He’s most well-known for being the only Maltese singer to have two platinum records to his credit. MARC STORACE’s first gig in Malta with TEA, 33 years ago, was a landmark event, being the first of the big foreign groups to perform here.

Zillah Bugeja catches up with the singer who spreads his talent far and wide.

What does it feel like to perform in Malta with TEA after 33 years?

I’m still pretty excited that TEA is back together at all after so many years. We even have a new CD out called Reloaded. It is a compilation of original recordings containing two of our singles. On top of that we are starting out anew with a gig in Malta… certainly a bonus and a privilege for us.

Will there be any similarities between the two visits?

Of course there are a couple of songs that we remember going down exceptionally well on the islands, and we shall include them in our repertoire once again.

In what ways has TEA evolved over the years?

We have simplified some of our longer complex songs by improving the dynamics and retaining the essence. So now we are able to play more songs in one concert without disturbing the overall dramatics.

What are your memories of your first TEA gig?

My very first gig with TEA took place in a French town called Saint Louis, only a few minutes over the border from Basel, Switzerland. It was a smokey Rock Club full of progressive music enthusiasts. The gig went down very well with the fans dancing and singing, and we were asked to return, to my great delight.

What’s been the highlight of your career with TEA to date?

I have quite a few stories to tell but the best was when we were booked with Queen on their first European tour. I sat through every one of their sound checks, and every performance too. They were sensational.

You are the opposite of a ‘one-band man’, being in both TEA and Krokus and performing with other bands and on collaborations too. How did this happen?

I figured, life is too short and we only live once, so why not burn my candle at both ends and enjoy it all while I can? I balance family commitments and work by keeping a family agenda that I strictly harmonise with.

There’s nothing I hate more than when I am forced to sing alone in order to stay in shape. I love variety within the rock circle.

Do you identify more with one band than another?

No, both are a part of me.

Would you recommend this multi-tasking (for wont of a better word) to anyone who wants to be a professional musician, especially those who think there isn’t enough work out there?

Yes, once your good name is out there, requests are bound to follow. Pick wisely and accept only what complements your style.

Do you still enjoy music as much as you did when you started out?

Yes, sometimes even more intensively.

Has the music sharing/on-line download issue affected album sales?

Yes, worldwide album sales of all music genres have diminished. The downloading of single tracks from any album usually inhibits the purchase of same. Many blame this on record companies who release albums containing only one or two tracks worth listening to.

Fortunately rock fans still prefer to own the real CD, which comes in a so-called plastic jewel-case and includes artwork, lyrics, photos and sometimes a poster of the artist. Some include a video too.

What music do you listen to?

Depending on my mood or time of day I can switch from pop radio to an energetic rock album or even classical music whenever I really need to wind down.

Do you listen to your own music for pleasure?

Not that often, but therefore I enjoy it more intensely whenever I do.

What advice would you give to young and up-and-coming bands in Malta about breaking into the international market?

If you’re selling live music you need to be able to get onto the live circuit. Malta does not have one big enough to support you. That’s why I left.

Is it easier or harder to ‘make it’ today?

The world population has grown, and needs different forms of entertainment. There is no formula. On top of talent, and good ideas, one needs the good luck of being at the right place at the right time. Hope and perseverance help.

When did you realise that you’d made it?

When my pile of bills got smaller.

Are there any local bands that have caught your attention?

Yes, Fire.

What has given you the most satisfaction?

The birth of my two children.

What other musical ambitions do you have left to fulfil?

The next TEA studio album and the next Krokus studio album for the time being. Anyone interested in keeping updated with my work can check out the link

Today Marc Storace will be honoured for his success as Malta’s only international rock star at Bay Street by laying a “palm print tile” into the walk of fame. Following this Marc Storace will be performing an unplugged session at Hard Rock Cafe to promote the TEA concert.

This event is free and starts at 7.30pm. On this day only, a block ticket for the concerts of TEA and The Brew will be sold at €25 instead of €30. This will also be an opportunity to meet Marc and have photos and albums autographed.

On 25 June TEA’s performance at Sky Club starts at 8.30pm kicking off with supporting band Frenzy Mono. Tickets at the door will sell for €20. Booking can be made on [email protected] or by sending an SMS on 7980 8083. Ticket outlets: Gilardu Kiosk – Valletta, Knight Music – Hamrun, Hard Rock Cafe - Bay Street and Gozo - ticket line Tel: 9946 1559.

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