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Mother of former PL deputy leader lashes out at Muscat

Malta Independent Thursday, 27 December 2012, 18:08 Last update: about 9 years ago

The mother of former Labour deputy leader Anglu Farrugia lashed out at party leader Joseph Muscat accusing him of  being a “hypocrite and of having no principles just like Alfred Sant”.

Catherine Farrugia vented her anger on her Facebook account, days after her son was asked to resign by Dr Muscat, after casting doubts that Magistrate Audrey Demicoli could have acted with political bias when handing down a judgement, about a case of corrupt practices.

Mrs Farrugia recounted that on the day that her son made these remarks during a political activity in Rabat on Sunday 16 December, the Labour leader approached her and shook her hand. She remarked that it is unthinkable how somebody can behave in this manner, when at the back of his mind he has other intentions “about an honest man”.

Mrs Farrugia questioned whether the PL leader was trying to appease somebody else within the party as he owes him a favour, possibly a Labour candidate contesting the eighth district which includes Mosta.

In her post the mother of the former Labour deputy leader claimed that, if everybody is equal other party officials should have resigned on much more serious incidents. She said that Dr Farrugia acted in good faith, as he could no longer withstand “the injustices being inflicted to Labour supporters”.

Mrs Farrugia warned the Labour leader that he will have to face the consequences of his decision, and expressed her wish that Dr Muscat’s children in future will be at the receiving end of a similar experience, while sarcastically sending her Christmas wishes.

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