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NGOs want parties to express intentions on large projects

Malta Independent Tuesday, 19 February 2013, 08:51 Last update: about 11 years ago

Environmental NGOs, Nature Trust (Malta), Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar, Ramblers’ Association , Din L-Art Helwa, Friends of the Earth,  Birdlife Malta and Greenhouse Malta call on the political parties to express their position on major projects that  have regularly been  put forward for approval during each legislature .    Some are now being dangled as electoral bait while on others ,   silence from both sides has suddenly fallen, rendering them notable by their absence.

Listing the projects which are most of concern, the NGOs say these will have a huge negative impact on the environment, go totally against the principle of nature protection, and cannot be classified as sustainable development. In some cases most have no support of neighbouring communities : 

Projects like Ta Cenc with its Hotel expansion and bungalow development will destroy the ecology of Ta Cenc Cliffs – now a Natura 2000 site

The Hondoq ir-Rummien mega project will not only destroy an entire area and create a lot of traffic but also have a negative impact on the high landscape value of the site

The Ramla Gozo project, which although halted, is still in the pipeline and if approved will ruin yet more important landscape and the ecology of Ramla, another Natura 2000 site

The Armier illegal boat houses issue on which the two main political parties are keeping a low profile. Both are refusing to pronounce their intentions regarding those that stole public land. Indications seem to show that favour will be found with the law breakers.

The  fS ish farming and tuna penning industry where marine ecology is being severely impacted and some of our coastline destroyed. Despite promises, these farms have been kept inshore rather then moved further offshore

The Manuel Island mega development shadow still looms – when Malta is already flooded with empty buildings

The Gozo airstrip – this issue surfaces every five years and no responsible decision has been forthcoming despite the guarantees of an Eco Gozo.

Furthermore the NGOs note that there are many further promises being made to add to the above list. These include

·         The Gozo tunnel promised without sufficient studies, which will generate tons of rubble waste – possibly leading to the excuse of land reclamation at sea.

·         The big conference centre at Ta Qali, entirely misplaced and unnecessary

The NGOs ask the political parties, mainly PN and PL, to come clear on their environment credentials. The environment is not to be used a political ball but a responsibility that politicians need to respect for future generations.

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