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PM says Lou Bondi’s appointment in line with ‘Malta Taghna Lkoll’

Malta Independent Monday, 17 June 2013, 11:28 Last update: about 10 years ago

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat this morning reiterated that he is fully aware that the appointment of Lou Bondi on a government committee tasked to organize national feasts did not go down very well in the Labour camp, but insisted that this is the price to pay to implement government’s slogan ‘Malta Taghna Lkoll’, based on meritocracy.

Dr Muscat said that Mr Bondi’s appointment could be the key to convey the message that people must unite and celebrate Independence Day and Freedom day, regardless of their political background.

Asked whether his decision was taken in return for removing Bondi+ from the PBS schedule as from next October, Dr Muscat said that he has nothing to do with decisions taken by the station’s editorial board.

With the honeymoon period now over, the prime minister’s resolve is being put to the test for the very first time with Labour MEP Joseph Cuschieri publicly lashing out against Mr Bondi’s appointment.

In a post on his Facebook account, Mr Cuschieri dubbed this decision as “obscene” and “shameful”, adding that “on 9 March we did not vote for strange decisions”. The Labour MEP said he will not remain silent even though he may have to face the wrath of those planning to make him pay for his stance.

This sentiment was also echoed by former Labour Minister Joe Grima who described the prime minister’s decision as a form of “masochism”.  Mr Grima made the point that Nationalist-leaning people are now teasing their political rivals over this decision.  The former Labour Minister said that he has no qualms in working with people of different political opinion but said that the case of Mr Bondi is much more than that.  According to Mr Grima, Mr Bondi “spent his entire life attacking the PL and its supporters from the national television station in breach of the constitution”.

On a personal note, Mr Grima said that it was very clear even in 2008 when Dr Muscat became party leader that he has a high opinion of the television presenter.

“However he has to keep in mind that thousands of Labour supporters are still hurt for the manner in which Lou Bondi and Lawrence Gonzi’s clique offended them using the state broadcaster. If the prime minister feels he has to reward Mr Bondi for all this, it’s his choice after all, but eventually people will have the final say” said the former Labour Minister on his Facebook account.


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