The Malta Independent 22 February 2020, Saturday

Norman Lowell found guilty of inciting racial hatred

Malta Independent Monday, 15 July 2013, 16:58 Last update: about 7 years ago

Far rightist Norman Lowell had three findings of guilt on racism confirmed and another in which he got an acquittal, in a criminal appeal hearing by Mr Justice Anthony Ellul.

The acquittal related to an alleged insult to President Emeritus Eddie Fenech Adami.

The case goes back to speeches Lowell had made between 2003 and 2006, which earned him a two year jail sentence, suspended for four years, and a fine of €500. The appeal court reduced that to 13 months in jail suspended for two years.

Lowell had instituted a court case about a breach of his fundamental rights, but the appeal court found no breach in his being questioned without the presence of a lawyer – the law giving that right was not in being in 2006.

He had also been found guilty of fomenting racial hatred through speeches he made and through an article he had published, and the appeal court said the guilty sentence was not based on statements he made to the police.

Dr Emmy Bezzina was defence counsel.

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