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Chinese ‘billionaire IIP applicant’ panics on seeing cameras

Malta Independent Monday, 20 January 2014, 16:50 Last update: about 11 years ago

A Chinese national - supposedly the billionaire investor who came to Malta on Sunday to apply for Maltese citizenship -  did not want to be filmed by journalists at the airport earlier today.

The man, who was accompanied by a delegation of five, panicked when he saw the news cameras and he was escorted through the crew gates instead of the ‘normal’ security gate.

Three members of the delegation, including a man who spoke in Italian complained to the journalists and then headed to the police station, situated near the Ministerial Lounge, to try and stop the cameramen from filming him. This paper is informed the Italian speaking man was hurling insults at the Media.Link journalist and cameraman. The journalists were asked by the police to exit the ministerial lounge complex, which is out of bounds.

After talking with the police, the three persons also went up to the VIP lounge at the airport, passing through the crew gates. The Chinese “billionaire” and his entourage flew off in a private jet at 4pm. 

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