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From Gozo to China, Joe Grima hopes to go global with website

Malta Independent Sunday, 16 February 2014, 09:00 Last update: about 9 years ago

Former Labour Minister Joe Grima is currently putting the finishing touches on a project one year in the making. He has set up a website called, which will function as a search engine for points of interest in particular cities around the globe.

“We started off with a website where instead of creating the material, we created machinery that attracts websites to it like a magnet. We developed that idea and ended with what is now a new search engine.”

“The difference between this search engine and others is that other search engines are there for anything and everything. In our case, is a search engine with a direction. The first direction we will be giving it is tourism, global tourism,” Mr Grima told The Malta Independent on Sunday.

The concept behind is “to have the least number of clicks to lead you to the information. The collection of websites will be divided under various headings, then sub-headings, which can be narrowed down,” he said.

The categories that will be listed on the website range from ‘Travel and Tourism’, to ‘Real Estate’ and ‘Commerce and Trade’.

“The website is ready and has been tested. We are still fine-tuning our server and will start filling in content soon.

“Everything on our website is translatable with Google Translate. We are on Google maps, so you can actually see the place you want to look at in the city of interest. We have included all the bells and whistles that we felt would enhance the experience,” Mr Grima said.

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