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Smart meter scandal: PN reveals names of persons currently suspended by Enemalta

Malta Independent Tuesday, 18 February 2014, 13:20 Last update: about 9 years ago

PN deputy leader for party affairs Beppe Fenech Adami said that the government’s intervention in the Enemalta smart meter scandal is undermining the Police Corps' sterling work by deciding to take matters in its own hands and forgive all those individuals who allegedly paid Enemalta employees to tamper with their smart meters.

Addressing a news conference at the party headquarters in Pieta today, along with PN MP George Pullicino, Dr Fenech Adami reiterated the PN’s call for the police to arraign those persons embroiled in the scandal, referring to the 1,000 “corrupt” individuals who have been “forgiven” for committing a criminal act while also calling on the government to name them.

“In a democratic State, the police are obliged to take steps against those who break the law,” Dr Fenech Adami insisted.

A number of Enemalta employees have been charged with tampering with the smart meters of around 1,000 individuals in order to save such individuals at least 75% of their utility costs.

The government has decided to forgive the 1,000 individuals, leading to the arraignment of three Enemalta offcials embroiled in the scandal only.

“This is the biggest scandal since the Labour Party was elected to government in March; this is immoral.

“The Criminal Code stipulates that that the penalty for those found guilty of corruption is imprisonment.

“But the police won’t be proceeding against them despite the government’s introduction of a bill that calls for harsher penalties to be given to those who are found guilty of corruption” Dr Fenech Adami said.

“No Prime Minister has the authority to decide that 1,000 persons who conducted a criminal act won’t have any criminal charges instituted against them,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr Pullicino said that after Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi made a statement in parliament last week regarding the scandal, the Opposition made it clear that it will support government in its fight against corruption.

The Opposition said that it backed the government on this issue since it was under the impression that proceedings would be instituted against all involved and not only Enemalta’s employees, but this did not happen.

“I raised a number of questions on the day the news came out with Mr Mizzi but I was not given any replies, such as what will happen to those individuals who bribed the Enemalta officials.

“I also asked Mr Mizzi if he treated Louis Attard as a person of trust and if he was one of the persons embroiled in the scandal but I did not get a reply,” Dr Pullicino said.

Dr Pullicino asked why certain names were not being revealed by the government.

“It is clear the prime minister has made political calculations in this case,” Dr Pullicino said, against his own government’s fight against corruption.

He asked who the other individuals who allegedly bribed Enemalta’s employees to have their smart meter rigged are: “We have a right to know since they are criminals as well.”

Dr Pullicino said that at least five Enemalta officials were also suspended but the government failed to reveal who they are.

Asked by journalists if he knew who the names were, Dr Pullicino said he had no problem saying who they are and went on to read out the names of the persons who have been arraigned since the scandal came to light, namely Mr Pantalesco, Mr Richard Gauci, and Mr Emmanuel Micallef, while revealing the names of the other Enemalta officials who are suspended, apart from Mr Attard, namely Edward Camilleri; Anthony Pace; Alan Cachia, and Anthony Mifsud.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said on Sunday that the government knew who the 1,000 individuals are involved in the smart meters scandal.

Dr Muscat also announced that a scheme would be created for those individuals to regularise their position.

“D Muscat referred to these individuals as benefactors but they are corrupt individuals and the government is failing to take the necessary steps against them, that of criminal proceedings,” Dr Fenech Adami said.

Asked if the PN had any inkling whether among those 1,000 individuals embroiled in the scandal, were individuals who are related to ministers, Dr Fenech Adami replied saying that the scandal would turn out to be a worse one if this is the case, adding that the PN’s interest is for the police to arraign all those involved, whoever they may be.


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