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1,400 mothers benefited from a new postnatal care project in the community

Malta Independent Friday, 22 August 2014, 17:47 Last update: about 8 years ago

While visiting one of the families benefitting from this new service, Parliamentary Secretary for Health Chris Fearne said that since the introduction of this new community care service in April over 3,500 visits have been made by midwives to over 1,400 mothers. This project aimed at enhancing midwives professionals’ skills and competences through training, which complemented the new services offered by the Discharge Liaison Midwives as well as the service of Discharge Liaison Nursing. 

“Such midwifery services aim to bridge the gap between acute and community care and improve quality of care for postnatal mothers and their families”, said Chris Fearne. He also reiterated the importance of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of both mother and baby. Through this new services mothers are offered a detailed assessment identifying the mother’s needs and her transition to parenthood.

 Every mother receives three home visits, with the first visit carried out on the day after discharge. During each visit the midwife assesses the mother and her baby, the home environment, provides advice on feeding and supports the mother in her transition to parenthood. Mrs. Scicluna Lewis, a mother who has recently benefitted from this service thanked Mr. Fearne on behalf of her family and said that she found these home visits very helpful. his service, shows the commitment of this government at strengthening the services provided in the community and is partly financed through the European social fund.

Chris Fearne extended his invite to all mothers and the general public to participate in the upcoming Breastfeeding Policy consultation session which will be held on Friday 29 August at the Hotel Phoenicia at 9:30. All those interested can get in touch with the Health Promotion Unit on 23266000.

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