The Malta Independent 23 July 2019, Tuesday

LGBTI+Gozo calls for the setting up of a sexual health clinic in Gozo and an STD awareness campaign

Thursday, 23 July 2015, 17:49 Last update: about 4 years ago

LGBTI+ Gozo has called on government to set up a sexual health clinic in Gozo.

“It is of critical importance to have such a facility in Gozo. This needs to be complimented by an awareness campaign for sexual health and sexual education with our peers”.

The group explains that such an investment will not only help and offer assistance to those in need, but also to help prevent STD’s through an awareness campaign as well as other material that can be given in schools and areas frequented by youths.

“As youths are engaging in sexual activities at a younger age, sexual education in secondary and post-secondary schools together with the GU clinic will broaden the perspective of a youth that is sexually active”.

The group mentioned the need for a holistic approach for educating school counsellors, nurses and other personnel, while training them how to tackle sexually transmitted diseases”.

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