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The teachings of a morally bankrupt government

Ivan Grech Mintoff Sunday, 23 August 2015, 07:22 Last update: about 5 years ago

It is not easy to approach a stranger in the street and express your worries regarding the development of society and the effect it may have on the most important things in life. Yet, since my last article, this has happened time and time again – in shops, in hospital, in church. Strangers have approached me to discuss my article.

Regular citizens of all kinds, but especially teachers, have been stopping me to discuss the corrupting influence the government has on Maltese society; and they are not thinking primarily of financial corruption. Often, others walking by join in and the numbers regularly swell to double digits. All voice their concern and all show total disapproval. Clearly, the government’s corruption is a national concern.

The paragraph that seems to have struck the deepest nerve:

Our political system – in particular the present leadership of the previous socialist party – has been replaced by a new ‘media driven’ elite. Supposedly liberal and supposedly progressive. But look closely and you will see that they are in fact disassembling all that makes us truly Maltese bit by bit: our economy, our coin, our decision-making, our sense of morality, our traditions and our values.

Citizens are seriously worried that that which makes us truly Maltese is being stripped away. They do not understand the reason why the government is taking certain actions. They do not follow every micro-step to legalise that which is today illegal and do not understand the process by which democracy is being undermined by a perversion of the legislative process. Our government has learned from the EU how to divide big change in to small bits so that the electorate doesn’t notice until the changes have been voted. It is a process designed to constantly keep the electorate uninformed and one step behind the elite.

Well, while Parliament has taken a long summer break the ministers have been putting in overtime writing new corrupting proposals that go against the views of the majority of citizens. They know that the best time to make unpopular proposals is when everyone is at the beach.

1) We all remember the Prime Minister’s pre-election assurance that gay adoption would not be introduced in Malta. His promise was filmed and can be seen on YouTube. Yet, after the election, he changed his mind and wanted to “rely on what the experts advise”.

But the parliamentary committee tasked with examining the matter was given advice by just one ‘expert’. That ‘expert’ presented just one view. And, that view was based on just one review. That review turned out not to be based on science. And, to top it all, the non-scientific review did not look at the full range of homosexual adoptions; only lesbian couples, claiming that lesbians brought up children better than normal heterosexual couples, despite “there not being enough evidence. Not enough extensive research” to back such incredible statements that our representatives heard.

(2) The education system is there to help parents bring up their children. As parents we are best placed to judge what is in the interest of our children. And, traditionally, Maltese believe that both children and a stable society are best served by conventional family units. Under the current government, the education system has been hijacked to work against the wishes of Maltese parents. One major concern for those I talk to is the LGBTQ agenda that will be imposed on our children. In their schools. From the age of four. Starting this October. And, of course, the new law that will legalise what is today termed.... paedophilia.

We, the parents, must refute this type of harmful indoctrination of our children. It will sow confusion in their minds as they will grow up without a proper understanding of the male/female relationship and self-respect. Furthermore, it will not advance the aim of teaching our children tolerance.

Society must be tolerant of minorities and not impose the view of the majority. As individuals we must live and let live. But it is also wrong for a minority to impose its own belief system on the majority. And the majority of Maltese view the new legislation as immoral and harmful to Maltese values, society and identity as well as to the traditional family unit.

The agenda is clear: not to have a clear sexual orientation. To reject the idea that social rules are important for a healthy society, decent social behaviour that has been around for millennia as opposed to the recent trend of focusing on immediate self-gratification or one’s bank account.

(3) We believe that (with very few exceptions) we all are born with a sexual identity and gender and that this should be safeguarded. The new fashionable European trend to believe that children should be taught non-gender conformity is total scientific and moral nonsense. And, if introduced in schools with the power of the law, it is harmful indoctrination that must be opposed and publically rejected.

Based on these beliefs, Alleanza Bidla had joined other like-minded groups and will, in the coming days, launch a new working group to inform the citizens in the coming days on the effects of “non-gender conformity” and to work to repel these corrupting changes. It is not too late to reverse this sad state of affairs. If we unite we will succeed. Please join us in our work to protect our heritage, families and valuri Maltin.

And don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail or to approach me if you see me in the street and wish to voice your concern.

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