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Godfrey Farrugia appeals for water conservation and recycling to preserve water table

Michael Carabott Thursday, 22 October 2015, 13:05 Last update: about 9 years ago

Labour Party Whip Godfrey Farrugia today made an appeal for Malta to look after it's water generation and groundwater systems.

He said that Malta is one of the most arid countries in the word which relies on reverse osmosis plants to produce potable water.  "We need to think outside the box and we also must remember never to take things for granted. We might not be able to rely on reverse osmosis plants forever," he said.

Speaking during the parliamentary debate on Energy today, he said that producing water in Malta is very expensive. "We need to reuse more water and we must recycle it. To this effect, the government will be building three polishing plants to recycle sewer water for irrigation purposes," he said.

He said that this will help to protect the water table which has been seriously depleted. On this point, he said that it has also been tainted by sea water seepage, and this is where recycled or "polished" water can also be used. He said that this water can be 'dumped' into the sea in coastal areas to act as a buffer to sea water and will dilute any seepage of salt water into the water table.

He also appealed for less dumping of medicines such as hormones or heart medicines into the sewer system or landfilling. He remarked that medicines are also poisonous and that pharmacies should have receptacles for medicines that need to be disposed of to prevent contamination of water or land.

What is the price on our health and wellbeing? - Marlene Farrugia

 Opposition MP Marlene Farrugia touched upon the issue of regeneration of our energy grid, but asked what it will cost to our health and wellbeing. She said: "Enemalta was almost bankrupt and we have now restructured it. But what about all the land it owns? What will happen to it? What will the Energy Hub involve? I expect answers from the Energy Minister today."

She asked for concrete answers of what it will involve. "What will it cost our environment, health and wellbeing? Why have we not considered projects such as the UK has embarked on in terms of regenerating docklands? Why do we not have high end property development in this area in order to raise the whole profile of Marsa?" she asked. 

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