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US author back as thriller featuring Malta debuts at No. 1 on NY Times bestselling books list

Stephen Calleja Monday, 20 June 2016, 11:44 Last update: about 9 years ago

American writer Boyd Morrison returned to Malta as his recently-published thriller featuring scenes based on the island debuted at No. 1 on the prestigious New York Times bestselling books list.

Morrison co-authored The Emperor’s Revenge with the well-known American writer Clive Cussler. It is the second adventure story the Seattle-based Morrison has written in the popular Oregon Files series.

Last week, it climbed to the No. 2 spot on the USA Today bestselling books list, which comprises all categories of books published in the US that particular week, before making it to the top spot on the New York Times list.

Speaking to The Malta Independent on Sunday while spending a few days in Malta, Morrison said topping the NY Times list is a feat to which all authors aspire. He said he was on his way to Malta when he learnt about the accomplishment. “I cannot think why anybody would not fall in love with Malta,” he said, adding that it offers so much to every visitor: history, culture, scenery, a pleasant climate and, most of all, an excellent backdrop for thriller stories to be developed.

Morrison said that when he visited Malta last year he was overwhelmed by the country’s beauty and made a point of returning with his wife, Randi (right), who had shared last year’s experience with him and was equally enthralled. This time, he went one step further by bringing over his sister Beth (left) with him as well.

Malta took a central role in The Emperor’s Revenge after Morrison was here in June 2015 at the invitation of the Malta Tourism Authority. The MTA had also invited two other US authors, Chris Kuzneski and Graham Brown, whose books – also partly based in Malta – were released late last year.

Brown’s The Pharaoh’s Secret, also co-written with Clive Cussler, includes a particular scene based in Malta that has been repeated in Morrison’s book The Emperor’s Revenge from a different angle. Morrison said that it is the first time that a scene in one Clive Cussler book is repeated in a second book, taking a different point of view. This unprecedented fictional interlinking takes place in Malta, adding to the importance the country is given in the books.

Last year, MTA chief executive officer Paul Bugeja said that the visit of these three famous American authors added another dimension to the MTA’s efforts in the American market, as they have the potential of further showcasing the Maltese Islands’ history and attractions directly with millions of readers in the US and around the globe through their stories and novels.

In its review of the book, the Associated Press says: “Juan Cabrillo and the crew of The Oregon might have met their match in the new Oregon Files adventure from Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison.

“Chairman Cabrillo leads a small team into hostile territory to stop a ruthless band of terrorists. The mission is a success, but not by the book or sticking to the plan, which is typical for the Corporation, the name of the crew that works with Cabrillo on The Oregon. A bank heist instigated by the manager results in a fiery crash in the middle of the Monaco Grand Prix. When they begin to search for answers into the mystery of why a seemingly trustworthy head of a bank would suddenly steal from his own institution, the crew discovers that he might have been set up to take the blame. What’s worse is that the funds stolen belonged to the Corporation’s offshore account. Now they’re forced to find answers and get their money back.

“A ruthless individual who has a more sinister plan in mind than just a mere robbery leads the group responsible for the brutal attack on the bank. To make matters worse, he captains a vessel that’s just as formidable as The Oregon with even more advanced weaponry. The catalyst and possible downfall of Cabrillo and his team also ties in with a diary stolen during Napoleon’s failed invasion of Russia. The secret hidden inside could change world history forever.

“The Oregon Files series is in great hands with Boyd Morrison working with Clive Cussler. The Emperor’s Revenge is a solid and fun entry that showcases what fans love when they pick up one of Cussler’s novels: a wonderful blend of action-adventure and history.”

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