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‘I can offer you something others don’t possess – honesty’ - Simon Busuttil

Gabriel Schembri Tuesday, 20 September 2016, 21:52 Last update: about 9 years ago

Leader of the Nationalist Party, Simon Busuttil has pledged honesty, as an asset he said he can offer to the people.

"I have no government jobs which I can offer you. I cannot buy your votes. I cannot be bought and I am not willing to sell my soul. But I can offer you something that others cannot - honesty!" he told the crowd gathered in Floriana.

He said the aim of forming a National Coalition against Corruption is to give the power to the people. Dr Busuttil said that anyone of good will can join.

"To those asking if Simon Busuttil can really be trusted, I remind that when others told you to vote against Malta's membership in the EU, I was there to persuade you otherwise and I had told you the truth."

He welcomed people who had always voted for the Labour Party and tonight decided to join in the mass meeting held by the Nationalist Party at the Granaries in Floriana to celebrate Independence Day.

Simon Busuttil said that he agrees with the proposal pushed forward by the National Youth Council so that voting is extended to those of 16 years and over. He said that this right should come into force as from the next general election.

"I want to thank all those involved in the party, and those who are willing to join this political force. We are working together so that the Nationalist Party will be trusted as the party to lead this country."

Referring to the 52nd anniversary of Malta's Independence, Dr Busuttil said he was very proud that it had been the Nationalist Party who had the vision and the courage to fight for Malta's Independence. "We are very proud of all the good things that this Party managed to leave Malta with. It was this party who was given the privilege to lead this country for more than 30 years."

Dr Busuttil said that we have to go beyond than celebrating this anniversary. He said that it was our forefathers who made Independence Day possible. "It is our turn to make the country better than it is today."

Addressing a crowd which gathered before the main stage, Dr Busuttil said that the workers are the backbone of our society. He said these hard working people still cannot feel the effect of the economic achievements which are praised so much by the government.

"These workers tell me they feel betrayed by the current administration. They feel that they were used only for the vote. To those who feel this way I tell you; the Nationalist Party will not put you aside. We have the workers at the heart of the party and we are here to serve you and to serve ourselves."

He referred to the income of an average Maltese family. "It is not true that a family can survive with a €25 budget for food each week as claimed by the Minister who has a company in Panama."

"I want to lead a government who is sensitive to your situations. I want to use the money collected from taxed not on Café Premier or Gaffarena."

He promised that the Nationalist Party, if elected in government, would be willing to provide subsidy for those who rent property from a private owner. "I do not agree with having the government raising monthly rent for those living in government housing estates. That is why my government will be lowering the rent back to how it was before.

On pensions, Dr Busuttil said it is high time that pensioners are exempted from paying tax and said that any medicine should be made freely available to all pensioners.

"It is unacceptable to have those people who suffer from chronic diseases such as cancer and have them beg the President for help. What kind of dignity is this? You should get medicine for free, because this is why you pay your taxes."

Speaking further on health, Dr Busuttil said that the government should ensure a good quality of life and emphasized the need to tackle diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. He said that a PN government will work to create new economic sectors "because the government has not explored any new sectors in these last three years."

He referred to the last Sunday's story published on The Malta Independent, on which the government claimed that the PN will not be supporting the government in the EU Council resolution of i-gaming. Dr Busuttil said that this is not true and called on Joseph Muscat to stop playing with partisan politics. "Joseph Muscat has involved politics in the Freeport, in our financial services, fish farms and now, even gaming. Let's work together, not against each other."

"If there is any risk involved in this sector, it is not coming from us, but from those who are tarnishing Malta's reputation."

On the environment, the PN leader said that he will have economic growth and the safeguarding of the natural environment work hand in hand. He also referred to the gas tanker which will soon be reaching Malta and told those who live in Marsaxlokk and BIrzebbuga, that the PN will be defending their cause.

"I know that many of you are concerned about national security. Because this government is issuing hundreds of visas without us knowing who is, in reality, coming into our country."

He said that in a period of three years, this government has hijacked the independent institutions of our country and reiterated the proposal to have those sitting at independent institutions elected by a two-thirds vote in parliament.

The mission of a government led by the Nationalist Party will be to eradicate corruption, he added while promising that all those who were involved in the government's corruption will pay.

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