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$67 billion Libyan Investment Authority sees Malta platform as ‘vital to its credibility’

Sunday, 9 October 2016, 09:00 Last update: about 8 years ago

The Libyan Investment Authority, which holds some $67 billion in assets, sees its platform in Malta as vital to its credibility.

The president of the Interim Steering Committee of the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), Ali Hassan Mahmoud, recently hosted its first unified meeting attended by the Steering Committee and the leadership of all LIA subsidiaries in Tunis.


Commenting at the meeting, Dr Ali said, “The EU regulation, accountability standards and governance that is offered by the Malta platform for the LIA is vital to our credibility with banks, investment partners and those companies in which the LIA invests.

“Likewise in Libya, the fact that the Tripoli offices are now back under the control of the LIA, as is the case with the accounts registered with the Central Bank of Libya, is encouraging for all Libyans. Embedded as we are within the new governance structures of Libya, we will keep our head and hearts above the political fray and focus on our jobs of protection and preserving, and where we can grow the value of assets under our stewardship.”

The vast majority of the LIA’s assets are located overseas. Likewise, many of the regulatory systems under which the LIA assets are domiciled are outside Libya and regulated by international banking and financial codes of best practice and governance. 

The unified meeting was made possible by the Government of National Accord Statute 115 appointing Dr Ali and the Steering Committee, and the fact that it was fully attended by all executive and non-executive board members of the subsidiaries is viewed as a turning point for the LIA. 

Welcoming executive management from the LIA’s two office in Tripoli and Malta and receiving presentations from the Board of Directors of the LIA’s five subsidiary companies that are responsible for its investments in over 550 companies across four continents, Dr Ali conveyed his commitment to protect and preserve all under his authority. 

Speaking before the meeting Dr Ali said: “Every Libyan has a stake in the LIA and every Libyan cares deeply that his or her investment must be well managed and carefully, sustainably and above all efficiently invested for our prosperous future.  Governance is key and we are charged by the Government of National Accord and Libyan law to preserve and protect the value of these investments.”

At the end of the meeting Dr Ali commented, “The Libyan Political Agreement signed in Sakhairat on 17 December 2015 has been recognised both locally and internationally as the way forward for Libya. The international community reaffirmed UN Resolution 2259 acknowledging the GNA's exclusive power to govern Libya and to exercise oversight over national institutions including the LIA. The Presidential Council of Libya appointed the Interim Steering Committee for the LIA, which I head, to safeguard Libya’s assets and to make sure that the LIA is well represented in international courts especially in the trails of Goldman Sachs and Société Générale SA.

“I wanted to take a very brief opportunity today to personally thank the representatives of a number of EU countries, the USA and banks and regulators across the globe for their continued support. I am delighted to say that the LIA is unified. We came here today and we leave as one LIA with a common goal. I also sought to show our guests how our adherence to legal process, good governance and commercial best practice is best serving the Libyan people.”

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