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'I’m not going to let the minister of censorship, censor me' – Jason Azzopardi

Tuesday, 21 February 2017, 19:30 Last update: about 6 years ago

Minister of Justice Owen Bonnici this evening asked Shadow Minister of Justice Jason Azzopardi to withdraw a comment he made last night with reference to the proposed media defamation bill, to which Azzopardi replied "I'm not going to let the minister of censorship, censor me". 

The plea to withdraw the statement was made in reference to a comment which the Shadow Minsiter of Justice passed, stating that if the proposed Media Defamation Bill goes through, then whoever comments on the Internet has to register with the government. This the minister said, was not correct. Dr Bonnici said that Dr Azzopardi was referring to Clause 19. The clause made it obligatory for editors of news sites to register their names with the government. 


Shadow Minister for Justice yesterday slammed the Bill, proposing it as a threat to the freedom of journalistic expression, he likened the Media Defamation Bill to similar legislation in Banglasdesh, Iran and Russia.

The minister's statement stirred both sides, with off mike comments being made by members from both sides of the House.

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