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Updated: PL challenges Simon Busuttil to take MEPs offices case before OLAF, PN replies

Sunday, 30 April 2017, 16:10 Last update: about 8 years ago

The Labour Party has challenged PN Leader Simon Busuttil to take the case regarding the offices held by party MEPs at the PN headquarters before OLAF, the European anti-fraud office.

Addressing a press conference, Parliamentary Secretary for EU Funds, Ian Borg said that the parliamentary regulations are clear in stating that MEP funds cannot, directly or indirectly, end up in the party's pocket. The Labour Party is dubbing this new development as the third scheme created by the Nationalist Party to raise funds while bypassing party financing law.


Labour Party CEO Gino Cauchi, said that silence is in itself a reply. He said that this was not the first time that the PN tried to bypass party financing law. He mentioned the cedoli scheme and the salaries allegedly paid by donations handed by db Group.

"Was this the reason why in 25 years, the Nationalist Party never wanted to introduce the party financing law? Is there another scheme by which the PN is making money through such tricks?" he asked.

Mr Cauchi said that some MEPs are not ashamed of showing their office's address at the PN headquarters and at Media.Link communications. He said that the statement made by the Nationalist Party does not deny the claims made by the Labour Party media. This practice goes against the funding regulations of the European Parliament, they insisted.

PL also promised it has more documentation in hand proving this illegality. "The PN leader has been, for days, asking the public to come forward with information. Simon Busuttil should be careful that the public does not come forward with information against him."

In reply, the Nationalist Party MEPs denied the claim, saying that the auditor reports were carried out on their own initiative. These reports were made available to the media, meaning that the "criminals of Castille" are once again lying.

The PN challenged Muscat to say why he never published similar accounts when he was an MEP and say why he had only one employee when he had a 20,000 budget to spend every month.

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