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Watch: PM announces snap election for 3 June

Joanna Demarco Monday, 1 May 2017, 16:28 Last update: about 6 years ago

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat today announced a snap election for 3 June, one year earlier than the end of the legislature.

He said the recent events have led him to take the decision to hold the election now, so as not to cause more distress to the country.

He said that the government has managed to achieve 85% of the electoral programme. Some say that Labour will lose eight months, but the early election will ensure another five years of Labour government, he said.

Prime Minister announces election on 3 June from The Malta Independent on Vimeo.

"Under someone else you will take nothing because he doesn’t take notice of you," the PM said during Labour's May Day mass meeting.

"It is your choice, for our country, to protect the work of thousands of people and businesses that are in danger by the ‘coalition of confusion’, a coalition which would create an instable government. If they don't even know who will talk first, God knows how they will run a country. They have nothing in common except that they are against me. I am not ready to scarfice everything we have achieved together," he told the crowd.

"We can guarantee stability and work. This movement only can create richness and give out richness. I am here to serve," Dr Muscat continued.

Refering to Opposition Leader Simon Busuttil, Dr Muscat went on to say that he would not let Dr Busuttil ‘get in the way of the government's success’. “I won’t let this happen," he said. "I will defend you all, whoever you are, whatever you think.  I can stand pressure. He wants to look like he’s doing something, and this has started to affect the economy in this country, I won’t let the economy of our country be affected by his disillusions and of those around him. I will defend the places of work and see that we will keep growing together and bring more richness to Malta and Gozo. I won't let one business go down. I want everyone to have peace of mind about the future of our country.  I don’t want to lose the rhythm on the Maltese economy, I know the truth," he said.

"We will confront these lies with truth and honesty.  Four years ago I gave you a road, we grew the economy, we created richness and justice, to increase the minimum wage and jobs. Despite this, we have decreased poverty and gained a surplus, this is the type of country which suits our children," he said, "we cannot lose this rhythm. Your work and your family is what matters, that’s why I want you to understand me, I won't drag my feet, let’s take a decision. The choice is simple “backwards or forwards” moving forward or being stagnant, he said. 

"Are you ready to walk with me for the rest of the journey?" he asked, as the crowd begain to chant again.

At the start of the address, the PM immediately embarked on a list of achievements made by the government, making it amply clear of what his intentions were.

"How proud I am of what we have managed to achieve together, as a movement, that we got Malta with the best countries in Europe", Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said.

"How proud I am that you have given me this opportunity to serve you as a Prime Minister of this special country. How proud I am that I am Maltese, and we should all be proud, he said. It is this pride that got us here and made us succeed in what we have succeeded and what we are going to continue to succeed in in the coming years."

"I am here to tell you that the road had difficulties but it’s a nice and exciting road, of great levels without precedence. Where people have dragged their feet before, we have succeeded, a road where we have done what others have deemed as impossible.  We grow stronger together," he said, "We have done this with your strength, and you must take the merit. In the meantime, we mus not let those who are trying to push Malta down succeed." 


"We have made mistakes," he said, "some small and some big. For these mistakes, I hold responsibility. With the good we have grown stronger together, with the bad I hold responsibility myself. That’s what a leader should do," he continued, "lead by example, be just, we have made mistakes but learnt from them." Dr Muscat went on to mention the government's economic improvements, "the leap in the economy has been historical," he said, going on to mention the surplus, change from heavy fuel oil, and other incentives from the pat four years.                       

"We are only in the middle of the road, now is the time we decide whether we are going to stop here as a nation, and know that our country will go down, or continue this journey together," continued the Prime Minister. "That is why I have come here today, no matter how many successes we have made, if we stop half way we will lose everything, I am still not satisfied and want more success for our country. I am thirsty to continue leading you to reach more successes together. My dream, My Maltese dream is for this country to be better than it ever was," he stated. 

"Over the past weeks I have been the target of attacks of people who want to throw me in prison," he told the crowd, "Whoever is clean is not afraid. I am here because I am clean and I am not afraid. I have the silent majority behind me." He continued to say, "My work is not only to protect my family, my job is also to protect my country."



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