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Malta re-loading

Rachel Borg Saturday, 6 May 2017, 08:43 Last update: about 5 years ago

As the chickens come home to roost for the Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and their spouses and financial advisors and their dear friends who share a common goal in making the world a better place for their families and friends, we remain in awe of the sheer brazen guts and foolishness of their entrepreneurial activities.  Before time itself had begun, that is, a few days into taking their oath of office and for some others working behind the scenes actually pre-dating that auspicious day, the story unfolded in the greatest way possible, with one successful deposit after another being delivered to their Inbox.


It was exciting, it was awesome.  Look how powerful and clever and great I am, they must have thought. This is the way it is done!  The Nationalist party in government had been gracious enough to lay the ground work for a thriving financial services industry in Malta and it opened up infinite possibilities as a shield for hidden movements, not of the ordinary kind.

But the legitimate way is for the savers and the pension seekers.  They were young and bright and would not wait for the years to pass in order to accumulate some wealth.  It had to happen now whilst the iron was hot and it had to happen quickly whilst the people were duped into believing that transparency and accountability were the trademarks of the government of Joseph Muscat.

The chaos that has been wrecked on this country as a result of the trash and insolence of the masters of deceit is raging out of control.  Every day a new allegation, a new corroboration of facts we already know, a further blow to the integrity of our island around Europe and the world.

It makes you think that these people have been teleported from some previous decades into the 21st century.  Those days when corruption was deemed to be under the radar and a nod between two persons was enough to secure a deal.  Where did they miss that today public opinion rejects corruption and illegitimate lining of one’s pockets?  How could they imagine that electronic and digital activity works secretly and only in one direction? 

Having made one deal, they were addicted and the thrill of seeing their accounts being populated only added to their enthusiasm and daring.

So now we know the whole system is corrupt and the programme is infected.  We are not talking here about a little fiddling and a little push to help a friend in need.  Most people seem to like to have such an insurance, that if ever they needed it, a Minister could come to their rescue.  This level of manipulation is on a far larger scale, beyond anything that any ordinary fellow could imagine.  Even the sums and figures are mind blasting.  Is it possible that in Malta you could generate Millions?  Who would have thought?  We have no natural resources, no oil, no gas, no minerals, no large scale industry and yet, millions are flowing into certain bank accounts.

People today can put one plus one together and see that the ostentatious displays of billboards and screens by the Labour party, are provided for by extraordinary means.  They get a twitch about the injustice of it and how in fact they are being duped and fooled by the messages coming from a suspect organisation.

“Better is a single day in your courtyards than a thousand days anywhere else! I would prefer to stand outside the entrance of my God’s house than live comfortably in the tents of the wicked!”

Indeed, the simple meetings being organised by the PN to introduce their really competent and impressive candidates on each district are being immensely well received.  The candidates reach people by their words and worthy opinions and the choice they have made, not in easy times, to enter politics.

On 4 May,  Dr Simon Busuttil marked his 4 years since being elected leader of the PN.  He has come a long way and remained true to his principles which has served him well.  Now he can stand tall and be in a position to immediately re-load this whole programme for Malta, if elected on 4 June, 4 weeks later.  Maybe 4 is his lucky number!

How much more building on our doorsteps, next door to our houses and in our small remaining valleys and fields can we stand?  What farmhouse will be built on green areas and roads asphalted to accommodate the owners?  We eat dust in Malta.  We stand idle in traffic and pollute the air we breathe.  Places around Sliema and St. Julians are over-loaded and crashing.  Just today, it took a mini-bus one hour to go from Luxol in St Andrew’s to Preluna Hotel in Sliema.  We are heading into Summer and already the roads are at a gridlock.

Every honest person needs to think carefully, come 3 June, on the life they want for themselves and the next generations.  Have they made it out of the last century and into the present one?  Do we still only think in terms of “il-bini”?  Are there not more prosperous ways to keep the economy heathy and ourselves too?

Proposals are hastily being cobbled together by the Labour party.  Their screens are huge but their ideas are not worth the space they occupy.  They are not only empty but also irresponsible and will lead to a false sense of prosperity.  The citizens of Malta and Gozo need to know that if they commit to purchasing a property or to sending their children to private schools and having health insurance and other family planning commitments, that they will not be caught in a losing spiral and find that they cannot meet their financial obligations.  It is important that we have complete trust in the person elected to lead this country out of the shameful condition it is currently in. 

Even if you are the most stubborn and hard to convince person, it is clear now that serious crimes have been committed against each one of us.  Only those without any self-respect could ignore the truth and choose to lay the blame elsewhere. 

Beyond our own personal circle there is the wider circle of our island’s image and dignity, our flag and our pride in having become an independent country and a member of the European Union.  There comes a time when we are called to take responsibility for our choices and do what is good for Malta, our home.

If only we could go back to our silly grumbles of before the last 4 years of Joseph Muscat.  What was it we grumbled about then?  EU forms and applications?  A new power station that hiked our bills?  No permit to add a room on the roof?  Picking up after the dog?

Compare what you hated then to what you hate now and come to your own conclusion.  Then remember those leather bags being carried out by the owner of Pilatus bank and who the contents belong to.  Maybe they hold some crisp white shirts and a change of lingerie. 

Malta deserves better.  A new PN government is not the end of freedom and the hand of the law.  It is a healthy balance between public and personal gain. It will be held to account and deliver a new clean, energy to take us out of this junkbox.  

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