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Updated (4): PBS board threatens to resign if John Bundy is not removed

Rachel Attard & Kevin Schembri Orland Thursday, 28 September 2017, 17:01 Last update: about 6 years ago

The Public Broadcasting Services board has threatened to resign if CEO John Bundy is not removed, The Malta Independent is informed.

The Board recently moved a motion of no confidence in the CEO, however as of yesterday afternoon, Bundy had not received any communication regarding this

They PBS board yesterday wrote a letter to the Minister for Justice and Culture Owen Bonnici, stating the above.

This newsroom is informed that on Wednesday, the PBS Board ( Chairman:  Anthony Portughese, Deputy Chairperson  Albert Marshall and directors Edward Cassar Delia, Adriana Zarb Adami, Paul Vella, Claire Bonello and Tony Cassar Darien) met at the Arts Council without Bundy. During the meeting a secret vote of no confidence was taken which passed unanimously.

The board alleged that Bundy had ignored the board of directors repeatedly, and took decisions without their approval.

The board of directors also noted when it tried to change arbitrary decisions of the CEO, the directors were faced with legal threats against them and the company.

Sources in PBS said that the board of directors felt it can no longer allow such a situation, and hence declared they have no confidence in the CEO.

This newsroom was also told that in a board meeting that was held a few weeks ago at the PBS offices and for which Bundy was not called in, the board of directors had decided to remove the CEO power when it comes to procurement rights. This means that Bundy can't sign for anything that PBS purchases without the board's approval.

 The Board had written a letter to CEO Bundy last week, stating that all matters related to technical operations including procurement shall no longer fall under the responsibility of the CEO, and these shall fall under the Deputy CEO who shall report directly to the board. They said that the person responsible for procurement shall report to the Deputy CEO and that the CEO shall remain responsible for all other functions.

Bundy, sources said, had begun asking for quotes to spend around €540,000 on leasing cars for the next eight years, instead of issuing a tender. In addition, sources said that Bundy had approved four programmes to be shot at TIMECARE studios instead of studios at PBS. Bundy used to have a programme shot at TIMECARE when he used to appear on ONE TV.

The Board brought the number of programmes to be shot at TIMECARE studios down to two from four.

Bundy was appointed as CEO in August 2016, meaning that he has occupied the post for just over a year.

Minister Owen Bonnici reaction

Questions were sent by this newspaper to Minister for Justice and Culture Owen Bonnici. He was asked if he was notified by PBS chairman and his intenstions regarding the dispute between the board and Bundy. Bonnici replied, "The ministry has been informed of a developing disagreement between the PBS board of directors and the PBS chief executive officer and will analyse the best way forward to assist in settling this internal issue."





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