The Malta Independent 14 April 2021, Wednesday

Daphne Caruana Galizia murder: FBI experts contacted for assistance - Muscat

Gabriel Schembri Monday, 16 October 2017, 18:56 Last update: about 4 years ago

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that what happened today is not only shocking for him personally and the country. "The people of good will are ashamed of what happened today. These actions are unacceptable. I am politically committed not to leave a stone unturned on this issue."

He said he gave instruction to the police to do whatever is necessary, without any concerns on budget limitations. Dr Muscat said that FBI experts will be brought to Malta to help out in investigations. "This does not mean I don't believe in our police force. But I want the resources of one of the world's most sophisticated countries."


Muscat said that the PN leader decided to comment on the issue politically. "I stand here as a politician, as this country's Prime Minister. I was Daphne's primary target, but I will not try and take political advantage of this."

He said that Delia mentioned the fact that DCG used to attack the magistrate involved in the case, the AFM commander and the Police Commissioner. "While we act according to the law, I invite the PN leader and a person of trust, to rest assured that the investigations will be carried properly. We have to show everyone that there is no one above the law."

Muscat said that the meeting will be held after today's session with the aim to ensure a proper investigation. "From my part, I want to tell the people that this is a moment of unity. I will not reply to political insinuations. History will judge us not by what we write on Facebook but by the actions we take."

"I will not speak politically about this issue. I expect to be attacked. I am in politics after all. But we have to understand that someday we will not be here. I represent an institution. Let's show the public we've grown up." Muscat said that he feels the family might be offended, or deem it inappropriate to pass on his condolences. "I will not blame Caruana Galizia's family if they feel angry about what I say."

Adrian Delia

PN leader Adrian Delia said that this is a political murder. "Daphne was not a normal person. She is a journalist who left a huge impact on our democracy. What happened today did not start now. Our institutions started to deteriorate in the recent years. We are not living in a normal country and I am saying this not to gain any political mileage, but because it's true."

He mentioned the police force, the Attorney General and other institutions. "When these fail, our country becomes a jungle and what happened today is because of this law of the jungle. If a country fails to safeguard the people, then that country would have failed democracy."

Delia said that parliament was supposed to discuss budget today, but it is useless to debate the future if you fail to recognize the problems there are now. “This is a national tragedy. This is not an attack on a party. This is an attack on our democracy. We are citizens who want to believe that we live in a normal country. But this is not the case. Today, someone who had an opinion, someone who stood up for what she believed, died.”

“AG failed to investigate because of very deliberate decisions. If we don't feel that we need to stand up and protect the institutions, then we are failing this country. If the government fails to speak out, then there's the Opposition to speak out.” Delia said that the country failed to protect the normal people who are not directly involved in politics."

Delia said that now we need to see who will shoulder the political responsibility of this tragedy.

Marlene Farrugia

Marlene Farrugia, PD leader, started her speech by comparing the country to Russia, a totalitarian state. “From the moment Labour took over, our institutions have been systematically taken over by the government. Daphne was the only Opposition until the PN found its feet.”

“Daphne was not afraid. She was willing to die for her country. I spoke to her on the phone a couple of times and she has always expressed her deepest concern on where this country is going. No one kills anyone for nothing.”

Farrugia said everything was planned. “She died at an opportune time, when she was least popular. This shows everything was well planned. Who will lead us now, if we don't believe neither Muscat nor Delia.

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