The Malta Independent 22 February 2020, Saturday

Injured policeman occasional member of PM's security

Noel Grima Sunday, 20 May 2018, 10:42 Last update: about 3 years ago

Policeman Simon Schembri, who was severely injured in a horrific attack when he stopped an underage driver and was dragged for hundreds of metres occasionally formed part of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's security detail.

This was revealed by Dr Muscat himself when he spoke in a radio interview on One Radio this morning.

Dr Muscat thanked all those who took part in a solidarity march in Valletta on Sunday. This was a march organised without much publicity which attracted thousands who wanted to show solidarity and support for policemen.  

One must respect the police collectively and not selectively, Dr Muscat said, even if one were to disagree with this or that member of the body.

Dr Muscat outlined what his administration has done on behalf of policemen. It changed the law so that members of the corps who are killed before they have spent 25 years in the corps get the same pension rights.

Talks are being held to give policemen more rights and more protection. And they will be getting payments for overtime which had been held back.

Dr Muscat then listed what his administration has been doing in the year since the last election to implement the election manifesto. 

Primarily, the government has been introducing more and more equality in the country mainly through the introduction of same sex marriage so much so that for the third year running Malta has been named as the most advanced country in the world in this respect.

The past week has also seen the removal criminal libel and this has coincided with the ruling by the European Court of Justice that condemned Malta for the banning of the play Stitching in the time of the PN administration.

Dr Muscat also referred to the creation of Infrastructure Malta which is tasked with redoing all of Malta's roads on a EUR 700 million budget.

He also referred to widespread complaints about noise, dust and disturbance where construction is taking place and promised that the Building Regulation Office will be strengthened.

Other initiatives by the government over the past week include the introduction of tax incentives for companies who cut down on their energy usage, the completion in record time of the Ta' Kandja shooting range, tax exemptions that will be given to those undertaking Masters and Ph Ds and the discussions with the Olympic Committee to draw up Key Performance Indicators to enable more excellence in various sports disciplines.

Finally Dr Muscat admitted to a wry comment when he read that MHRA is now in favour of limiting tourist inflows. Previously, people complained that not enough tourists were coming, now they want to limit the influx, he said.


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