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The couple - Mandy & Michael; Date of wedding - 30 April 2017; Mandy Cassar, 37, Owner and Hairstylist at Ms Mandy and Michael Sultana, 37, Operations Manager and Head Chef at Tarragon Restaurant got married at Our Lady of tal-Herba Sanctuary, in Birkirkara, followed by a wedding reception at Buddhamann; Photography | Elliot Nichol

Mandy and Michael met on a beautiful day in April, while having a drink with friends. They did not know each other before that day, but Mandy had no choice but to get to know Michael because her friend left her, and told Michael to drop Mandy at home himself. They kind of had no option in getting to know each other but, as Mandy explained, they are soul mates as they complete one another and their relationship was meant to be.


The couple decided to get married after they have been living together for a couple of years. Even though they were committed to each other and felt married already, they wanted to make their love official. However, Michael still managed to surprise Mandy by proposing while at a Michelin star restaurant in Scotland.

The wedding was held on April 30th in 2017, the matrimonial Mass was held in Birkirkara, at the chapel where Mandy’s parents got married 44 years ago. It was followed by a reception at Buddhamann.

The venue was chosen because Michael is a head chef and, together with his team, he wanted to cater for the wedding himself, so they chose this venue for its central location and the spectacular view.

The theme for their wedding day was a journey around the world. In fact, they incorporated various traditions from around the world on the day. For instance, they broke a plate outside the church for good luck, it is a Greek and German tradition, and Mandy did not throw a bouquet but instead went for a Japanese tradition, which consisted of ribbons. The father and daughter dance was the Zorba, not the classical slow dance. The highlight of the theme was definitely the food which was provided by three restaurants Tarragon, Caviar and Bull, Buddhamann. “We had 27 countries with 27 different specialties, from Britain with fish and chips, served in a newspaper cone, to France having foie gras burgers, served in a small takeout box; Malta with rabbit lollipops; China with steam buns filled with crispy pork; Ireland with Guinness pie; Mexico with Mexican tacos and tequila shooters, and many more. We even had big atlas maps illustrating their guests’ culinary journey”, Mandy explained.

Overall, it was quite a different wedding and broke a couple of traditions, both mothers wore trousers for the wedding and both look very elegant, they gave out souvenirs together with the invitations. They cut the cake at the start of the reception soon after the speeches and so on. The couple saw the decorations for the first time on the day of the wedding. They left it up to their florist who was Bjorn at Floreal and were very happy with the result. They had crystals, twigs and beautiful flowers all over the place.

Mandy had the most beautiful, gorgeous gown, made in a handmade fabric which she ordered from India, by the seamstress Rita Demarco. The colour of the dress was taupe, blush pink with white. Michael wore a classic navy blue suit with a matching waistcoat from The Groom Collection.

The wedding was a great success. They had their dream wedding, which was definitely a different one but most of all a one to remember.

Mandy and Michael went on a 17-day honeymoon to Japan, arrangements for the flights were made through Emirates and transfers and hotels through ROCS Travel.  

Wedding check list

Make-up and Nails - Gabrielle Zammit Grungo 9984 6625

Wedding Planner - KG Events 7761 8905

Invitations - The Tink Shop 2142 2868

Wedding Cake - Baking Cakes 7993 2922

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