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‘We need to apply EU rules better’, PN candidate tells GRTU

Thursday, 18 October 2018, 16:11 Last update: about 4 years ago

Malta needs to apply EU rules better by planning well in advance before they enter into force, not as we are doing in the case of the GDPR, the EU Regulation on data protection, Peter Agius, PN candidate for the European Parliament election, told GRTU representatives.

Agius met the GRTU managerial board, President Paul Abela and Chief Executive Officer Abigail Mamo who explained the role of the GRTU, representing more than 7,000 Maltese businesses with a particular focus on SMEs.


President Abela emphasised that GRTU believes that the interests of Maltese businesses need to be voiced better in Brussels and that there needs to be a closer cooperation with those who influence the drafting of EU laws before they are adopted.

Agius underlined the need to identify and analyse in detail legislative proposals that would affect Maltese businesses during the early phase of the formulation of EU laws, includingat the initial stage when laws are being drafted by the European Commission.

The meeting focused on several topics of particular interest to Maltese businesses, including access to the European and Maltese market, the need to ensure a level playing field with foreign importation, EU funds and the introduction of the Regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR).

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