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Prime Minister in China to sign agreement promoting investment

Sunday, 4 November 2018, 10:14 Last update: about 2 years ago

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is currently in china to sign an agreement which will continue to provide a framework to bringing further investment to Malta, he said in a short interview on One Radio.

In a short radio interview, Muscat said that Malta is serving as a point of investment into Europe. He also spoke about the budget, and the importance for the benefits created by Malta's growing economy to be divided among the people.

He said 6,000 families will benefit from the children's allowance and mentioned that 92,000 pensioners are taking an increase in their pensions. 

He took aim at the Opposition, and said that according to PN documentation, poverty reduced, the rise in standard of living under this government was lower than under previous governments, and that the number of immigrants are lower than the amount quoted by the Opposition.

He said this government remains focussed on change.  Muscat spoke about recent changes regarding waste collection and separation. While some believe it to be a minor issue, it is an important subject, Muswcat stressed.

He said that the fact Maltese families separate organic waste means that a large portion will not be sent to landfill. "This would mean less land would need to be used."

While the recent introduction carries fines for taking out the wrong garbage or recycling bag on the wrong day, an educational campaign is instead underway, he said, mentioning that stickers are being placed on such bags.

Muscat also touched upon the recent Blockchain Summit, and said that this week, 8,500 people came to Malta to see what Malta is doing to promote and regulate blockchain.

Muscat believes that such conferences do not only fill hotels, but said that these people see Malta's potential, open companies, employ people and create benefits.

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