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All households entitled to set of four bins to help recycling - Wasteserv

Saturday, 17 November 2018, 09:13 Last update: about 2 years ago

As part of the ongoing drive SORT IT OUT - to encourage more waste separation at source, all households in Malta and Gozo are now entitled to collect a set of four bins. An important characteristic of this set of bins is that the bins are stackable and therefore are adequate even for smaller dwellings, since they do not take up much floor space, Wasteserv said in a statement.

These grey bins have different coloured lids; black for mixed waste, white for sanitary waste, brown for glass, and green for mixed recyclables. The bins are also specifically labelled to help households separate waste correctly. Moreover, the general public is encouraged touse binliners as follows in the respective bins: the black bag for the mixed waste bin; the green or grey bag for the mixed recyclables bin;and the black bag for the sanitary waste bin. Although mixed and sanitary waste are both to be disposed of in black bags, the sanitary waste bin is being provided with a specific filter designed to eliminate the unpleasant smells which sanitary waste can generate. Glass waste is usually taken out for collection in cardboard boxes. Hence no bin liners need to be placed in this bin.

The residents are expected to take out ONLY the bags and not the bins for kerbside collections, according to the collection schedule in their specific locality. It is important to remember to take out the right bag on time and on the correct collection day, Wastserv said.

After a public call for tender was issued, distribution of these bins has been entrusted to Green Skips Services Ltd, who commenced with pick up points fromGozo and has now proceeded with distribution in Malta. Green Skip Services Ltd has selected an initial distribution point in Ta’ Qali, from wheremembers of the public can collect their bins upon presentation of either an ID card or a utility bill, which is then electronically registered. Green Skip Services Ltd will be adding further distribution points in the near future and is already in touch with a number of Local Councils to determine best adequate pick up points.

Wasteserv will continue communicating updates on new distribution points, including the days and times when distribution will take place,based on information submitted to Wasteserv by the distributor.

Further information and updates are available on Wasteserv’s Facebook page, where the public is also welcome to send any queries.

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