The Malta Independent 24 August 2019, Saturday

Shireburn supports POYC medicines verification in line with Falsified Medicines Directive

Tuesday, 22 January 2019, 10:32 Last update: about 8 months ago

With the new Falsified Medicines Directive coming into force on 9 February, pharmaceutical companies are now also able to verify and decommission POYC medication using Shireburn's own EMVS module at the point-of-sale.

In addition to supporting pharmaceutical clients to ensure their compliance with the EU Falsified Medicines Directive, Shireburn has extended its support to include the handling of POYC dispensing.

The inclusion of the POYC function will ensure even smoother processing at pharmacies and the use of one single software for all FMD compliance processing. Pharmacies will not be required to enter POYC products into their inventory system in order to verify them as required by the new directive.


In addition, the new feature also supports the common practice whereby pharmacies pre-pack the POYC packages for patients.

Shireburn's EMVS module was launched in December to help pharmaceutical businesses and pharmacies automate compliance with the new directive. The European Medical Verification System (EMVS) is an initiative to protect the European pharmaceutical supply chain from the entry of falsified medicines and enforces the verification of authenticity at the point of supply of all prescription products.

Pharmacies and other local businesses involved in the sale of medicines will need to verify each product at the point of dispensing to the patient. With the help of the new EMVS software module, Shireburn's inventory and point-of-sale users will benefit from an automated verification process that involves scanning the bar-code of each product as it is being sold, automatically validating it with the Malta Medicines Verification Organisation (MaMVO) as well as managing their stock and cash.  Extending this capability to POYC stock further adds value and automation through one single point.

The Shireburn EMVS module is designed to ensure minimum impact on users with one scan, maximum automation and full auditing, and ensures minimising the amount of manual work that would typically be required at the point-of-sale in the absence of an automated and integrated system such as the Shireburn EMVS module. 

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