The Malta Independent 12 November 2019, Tuesday

The Labour Party does not have a heart, just a calculator to count surplus - Delia

Thursday, 9 May 2019, 19:45 Last update: about 6 months ago

The Labour Party shows that it does not have a heart but only a calculator to count the surplus, PN Leader Adrian Delia said Thursday.

Speaking at a political meeting in Rabat, Delia said it is crystal clear that the Labour Party does not have Malta in its heart. “What about the lives of those running small business but who cannot afford to live? Or those elderly who suffer every month as they cannot afford to live off their pensions? What about that child in the mother’s womb? Do they not have a heart?”


Delia said that the Nationalist Party today, tomorrow and always will continue to protect the rights of those who have no voice and it will continue to defend life from the moment of conception.

Delia also said that the main difference between the two major parties is that, unlike the Prime Minister, the Nationalist Party believes in its Local Council and MEP candidates.

 “It was the Nationalists Party that always supported the Local Councils, whereas this government, because it does not like local councils, stopped the local council elections.”

He explained that the same can be applied to the MEP elections; that the government does not believe in its own candidates because it was the Labour Party that was against joining the European Union. “The Labour Party did not want Malta to join the EU; the party does not believe in its own people.”

Delia said that the Nationalist Party brought Malta into the EU and ensured that this was done not just to benefit Malta but the entire European bloc. “We are ready to win, we are different from the Labour Party who show no interest and are only negative,” Delia said.

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