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Re-organising Mater Dei Hospital car park

Sunday, 19 May 2019, 08:39 Last update: about 2 years ago

The Association for Consumer Rights (ACR) is calling for urgent action from the Minister responsible, and those concerned, to re-organise the parking system at Mater Dei Hospital.

It is a fact that those coming to hospital for appointments or to visit a patient are constantly facing difficulties in trying to find a parking space whilst trying to be punctual. Since the first two tiers are reserved exclusively for hospital staff, visitors have to reach the third and fourth tiers of the parking area, when this could easily be avoided with better planning.


The ACR is therefore putting forward a proposal for a better system to be implemented as soon as possible in the interests of the general public.

All hospital staff can be assigned the bottom tiers of the car park, since they go in and out only once (except in emergency situations), whilst the first two tiers will be dedicated to parking for visitors and outpatients, who are going in and out intermittently. The result of this change will be a saving in both fuel consumption and fuel emissions, and in frustration, as well as faster transit in and out of hospital, and will not cause any undue hardship to the hospital staff.

This proposal was presented for approval during the 2019 AGM of this Association, and was approved by all the members present.


Barbara Buttigieg

ACR Vice-President, PR

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