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Imperium Europa proud to take title of third largest party

Tuesday, 28 May 2019, 08:08 Last update: about 2 years ago

Imperium Europa has thanked those “10,000 heroes” who chose to vote for its only candidate, leader Norman Lowell, making it the third largest party in the country for the first time.

“We have waited until the official results are out,” the party said in a statement. “Despite the investment, the new electronic counting system adopted by the Electoral Commission, did not allow small parties and independent candidates to gauge their success since they were all grouped under ‘Others’.


“We are positive that 10,000 heroes have risen above petty party politics and media distortions, asserting the Party as Malta’s Third indeed. They have made a responsible and discerning decision to vote for the only Party with their children’s future in mind. We thank them for their trust in us and take note of their courage and independent mind.

“Yet!  Win or lose – our ideas are emerging on the European chessboard. As surmised in 2005, the Right-Wing Grouping has sprouted and will be a potent force, leading to a change of direction from this liberal madness. A growing consciousness of our ideas will inevitably follow, both in Malta and overseas.

“We will of course retain open channels with our numerous friends all over Europe. They were keenly eyeing the situation in Malta and were eagerly awaiting us to contribute in the common struggle.

“However, the duopoly has once again managed to reduce a European Election to a local football match. Malta has elected two candidates that spent months bad-mouthing it, leading to a number of grievous repercussions such as the over-regulation of the banking system,” Imperium Europa said.

“The electorate has also blessed the Prime Minister’s U-turn from pushback to integration. This could be due to short-term benefits which will inevitably lead to long-term trouble. Imperium Europa believes that Malta will shortly experience multiple economic problems.

“We regret that, on the very morning of the Election, when hundreds of illegal immigrants were picked up by our government, the Maltese still decided to  doggedly stick to the bi-partisan mentality. We will all suffer, along with our beloved children, due to the short-sightedness of the electorate. Was Nostradamus right in his prediction that Malta will become part of Africa?

“In reality the electorate voted for One party; a chorus of 6 voices in favour of a Federalist Europe that promotes a one-size fits all policy and that encroaches on more and more liberties, reducing sovereignty in the process.

“A massive chunk of the electorate didn’t bother to vote albeit the same pattern can be noticed in all member states,” the statement said. “We are grateful to all those who understood what is at stake and stood by us. The Maltese will continue to become a minority in their own country. However, we have undoubtedly become the Third Party in Malta. Given the success of our cousins, our collective efforts might make it in time to save our Europe. EPP, S&D and the far-left have all lost seats in this election. Europe is shifting to the Right.

“The result effectively means that there is going to be more of us and we demand to be given our fair share of coverage and respect.”


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