The Malta Independent 8 August 2020, Saturday

Watch: Konrad Mizzi to ‘check confidentiality arrangements’ before presenting Dubai meetings details

Jeremy Micallef Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 09:51 Last update: about 2 years ago

Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi said that he “will have to check the confidentiality arrangements with clients” before giving the details on meetings “related to investment-related purposes” he attended during various unannounced official government visits in 2015 and 2016.

It is alleged that attempts were made in August 2015 to set up Dubai bank accounts for companies he and OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri had opened in Panama.


Following his unspecific responses to the question posed to him in Parliament by Nationalist MP Simon Busuttil, questions were sent to the Tourism Minister regarding the specific dates during which he was abroad in August 2015, February 2016 and November 2016 (departure and return), what the governmental business meetings in Dubai were specifically about and with whom these meetings were held – both entities and individuals.

The Tourism Minister did not respond to the emails sent last week, and did not go into detail when asked in person due to the aforementioned “confidentiality arrangements”.

“As a minister of government, I travel regularly. At the time I had different responsibilities, and the meetings related to projects and investments. That was the rationale of the meeting – it was government related business.”

He maintained that the meetings were related to “an investment to attract a special economic zone and hub to Malta”, but did not provide any details on specific businesses or individuals involved in said meetings.

When asked whether answers to further questions sent via email, as was done last week, will contain these details he said that he “will have to check the confidentiality arrangements with clients. But, essentially, yes the meetings were related to investment-related purposes.”

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