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Parents are the first educators, they should find time to spend with their children - Bartolo

Giulia Magri Tuesday, 16 July 2019, 11:43 Last update: about 1 month ago

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo appealed to parents to find the time this summer to play, speak and engage in activities with their children and to not abuse services such as childcare centres or Skolasajf.

“Parents are the first educators, and the child’s future depends not just on the educators, but also from the parents input in their child’s development.”


Bartolo was speaking on Tuesday at Guze Preca Primary School in Hamrun, at the opening of the Skolasajf programme. He said that children attending the summer school programme get to experience and learn about different perspectives of life and be fully stimulated throughout the day. “Children enjoy learning and it should be fun and sustainable experience for them.”

He concluded that the government services such as breakfast club, club 3-16, skolasajf and child centres should not be a means of parents not taking up their responsibility as an educator. “Both mother and father have an important role to play in the child’s development and to find the time to spend with them.”

Dermot Galea, CEO of Foundation for Education Services explained that a lot goes on in the planning for Skolasajf. He explained that the planning for Skolsajf begins the moment the previous Skolasajf ends and that feedback and criticism is taken from that summer to work and improve for the benefit of the children. The Foundation for Education Services organises the summer programme and agreements with entities and schools participating in Skolasajf. “We have around 1,900 staff members who take part in the preparation of Skolasajf and not everyone appreciates the work and dedication that goes into preparing the programme.”

Frank Fabri, Permanent Secretary for Education highlighted that there needs to be more appreciation for the dedicate team who prepare the summer programme. “Once one scholastic year ends, just a few weeks later, Skolasajf begins, and it is not simply opening the schools doors, but so much more goes into this complex programme.”

He also mentioned the plans for the new International school in Mtarfa; and that the current students will be transferred to a school in Hamrun.


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