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Egg pelting incident: A sorry spectacle of domination and humiliation – NCPE

Monday, 12 August 2019, 14:21 Last update: about 13 months ago

The National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) condemns and expresses great concern at the circulation of a video showing a woman pelted by men with eggs during a bachelor’s party.

This occurrence is so wrong on so many levels, NCPE said in a statement. A woman was not only abused and humiliated, but this assault was also filmed and circulated. It is indeed disturbing that there are people who take pleasure in ridiculing and hurting others and even go to the extent of flaunting their behaviour.


The organisers’ justification that this abuse was perpetrated with the victim’s consent and against payment does not in any way change the essence of this incident: a group of men felt entitled to ‘buy’ a potentially vulnerable woman and took pleasure in assaulting her, ridiculing her and violating her dignity. Moreover, the video shows the woman begging the abusers to stop, NCPE said.

The pelting of a woman with eggs was a sorry spectacle of domination and humiliation, reflecting and reinforcing the power of men over women in Maltese society. This is closely linked to the constant representation of women as objects for men’s pleasure and the broader unequal power-relations between women and men that legitimise and normalize such behaviour.

This video is evidence of the urgent need to work towards a society where women and men enjoy equally dignified treatment, so that everyone can feel safe and respected in everyday life.

The NCPE urged the authorities to take the necessary actions.

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