The Malta Independent 11 November 2019, Monday

PD against idea that fuel stations can be relocated to ODZ

Tuesday, 13 August 2019, 08:11 Last update: about 4 months ago

Partit Demokratiku welcomed that no further fuel stations will be given permission to be built and that their number is to remain at a total of 89 fuel stations. As early as 2017, Partit Demokratiku put the review of the Fuel Station Policy on the agenda of the Environment Committee in Parliament and has campaigned on this issue ever since. However, those in urban areas can still be relocated into ODZ zones, while the need for fuel stations in general will decline due to planned electrification of vehicles.


"Partit Demokratiku does not agree that the relocated fuel stations can be built in ODZ, even though restrictive conditions are being suggested to be imposed in the reviewed policy. It is imperative that our natural capital should be preserved," MP Godfrey Farrugia said.

The balance between development and the environment is still not being met and development threatens to continue to being one-sided and insensitive. We must not let down our guard at this critical hour.

Partit Demokratiku said it will therefore continue to campaign for a stricter Fuel Station Policy, free of loopholes open to abuse by insiders and the wealthy at the expense of the national interest and our environment. It is already late in the day for the sake of our country.

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