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Abandoned? Neglected? The sites being left behind

Tuesday, 20 August 2019, 09:48 Last update: about 13 months ago

Malta has some truly prestigious historical sites. Site that marvel Maltese and tourists alike, such as the Ggantija and Tarxien temples, and ones that remind us about just how old Malta is, like the Hypogeum.

There are sites documenting the Roman era, the Knights of St John, and the British. So much history on a small island located at the centre of the Mediterranean. But maintaining so many historical sites does not come cheap, and sadly some have been left aside and forgotten.


Top, Fort Ricasoli; Above, Fort San Leonardo

One such example is Fort Campbell, located quite close to Selmun Palace, which is also in quite a state.

Some other sites are not quite in a dilapidated state yet, but are not easily accessible to the public, and perhaps more could be done to find uses that would allow such access.

Fort San Salvatore

Others, like Fort Ricasoli, were left in a state of disrepair for many years, but finally plans have been announced to restore it.

Our history is our most precious asset. It instils a sense of national pride, reminds us from where we came and can guide us to where we are going. It would be a shame if some of these areas were just left to fall apart.

Photos: Alenka Falzon

Fort Campbell (above) and Selmun Tower (below)

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