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The establishment are those who have abused of their power for 11 years, Grech says

Andrea Caruana Sunday, 5 May 2024, 13:04 Last update: about 2 months ago

Our country is going through a “delicate” period in which threats and intimidation are being issued against the judiciary all in attempt to blot out the truth, Opposition Leader, Bernard Grech said in a rally on Sunday.

He added this is being done because the people involved know that what they did was wrong, and said that it is the people who have been in power for the last 11 years and who have abused of it who are the real establishment.


Our country is going through a delicate period and its people with it on many levels, Grech said. He referred to the high cost of living which he himself faces because he “doesn’t live in an ivory tower.”

Grech went on to question how someone can complain about ‘timing’ when elections are coming and cheques are “coincidentally” being issued because of the high cost of living.

He added that the 60 or 80 euro are not worthless and can make a difference for some and so, he asked why taxpayer’s €400 million were given away to thieves the government is complicit with, when it could have been used to give the Maltese people cheques at least €2,000 each.

Grech gave an anecdote of a man he met from Sannat who said that despite being a Labourite and trusting the PL up until last election, he now sees clearly that the party is “taking him for a ride” and has “abandoned him”. Grech answered him in saying that the PN will work for his vote, locally and on the European level, and though Sannat is “very difficult” – it is one of Labour’s strongholds in Gozo - they will work for its benefit.

“Isn’t it obvious that they don’t understand what the people are going through?”, Grech said. He elaborated that they are too busy “pigging out” and taking commissions to give the people the necessary attention.

Grech went on to speak about the ‘establishment’ and how despite the government attacking it, they never clarified what it was. He added that the establishment was those who were in power for 11 years and who abused of their power in various ways.

Grech went on to give various examples; from opposing the public inquiry into the case of Jean Paul Sofia, quoting Robert Abela in saying “As long as I am in power, it won’t happen”, to those found guilty by three judges of creating an atmosphere of impunity that led to the death of a journalist and a fellow Maltese citizen. He said, however, that the PN stood up to the establishment and managed to return the hospitals back to the hands of the people.

He went on to say that the establishment is those who know the details of an inquiry, on the greatest fraud of our country, that was not public, and are using it to their advantage to save themselves. Grech pointed out how fearful the Prime Minister is of the truth and that he wishes to suppress it through attacks and threats.

He questioned why he should be afraid of the truth if he did nothing wrong. But Grech said Abela knows of his wrongdoing and the “devilish pact” on the eve of becoming Prime Minister. “Justice doesn’t sleep”, Grech said and for that reason he called for the inquiry to be made public quickly.

“The truth someday shall be revealed and will free the Maltese people from the criminal establishment that held grip on power”, Grech concluded.

Bernard Grech also saluted the memory of the late Monika Attard and offered his condolences to her family.

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