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Chamber of Engineers Annual Conference - Engineering: The Route to Safety & Security

Friday, 13 September 2019, 18:09 Last update: about 10 months ago

As part of its drive towards promoting the Engineering profession, the Chamber of Engineers will be hosting a business breakfast with the theme 'Engineering: The Route to Safety & Security'.

The objective of this business breakfast is to provide insight to engineers and other professionals on aspects related to safety and security, such as, fire safety in buildings, cyber security, designing for product safety, safety in road infrastructure, amongst others.


In a world where people are growing accustomed to the ever increasing commodities and realities offered by modern lifestyles, be it the buildings they live or work in, the systems they use on their workplace or to move around, the virtual reality where they store their valuables, from e-mails to bank accounts, the safety and security of such commodities is often overlooked, by all, bar the professionals entrusted with providing it. Engineering, in all its facets is an accepted route towards providing safety and security. 

The Conference will be addressed by Hon. Dr. Ian Borg, Dr. Inġ. Daniel Micallef, Inġ. Fredrick Azzopardi, Inġ. Clint Cilia, Inġ. Rudie Vella, Mr. Joseph Agius and Inġ. Stefan Calamatta and is open to members and non-members of the Chamber.  Registration can be effected online via - Further information can be obtained by contacting the Chamber via email on [email protected] . Registration Fees for members - €25, non-members - €30 whilst students, with the appropriate student card will pay €10.


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