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Credorax Partners with BBPOS to provide cohesive mPOS solution to customers across Europe

Friday, 4 October 2019, 10:11 Last update: about 6 months ago

Credorax, the NextGen merchant acquiring bank providing cross-border processing for eCommerce and omni-channel payments, and BBPOS, the world's leading innovator, designer, and manufacturer of mobile point of sale payment terminals, announced a partnership to provide a semi-integrated and standalone mPOS solution for ISVs and ISOs across Europe.

Credorax, one of the first technology companies with a European banking license and worldwide processing capabilities, will provide its acquiring services using NMI gateway technology to offer BBPOS users a seamless payment experience in all 32 EU regions.

"The global payments sector is more interconnected than ever and this partnership enables us to help simplify it for merchants, ISVs and ISOs," said Credorax CEO Igal Rotem. "Through this collaboration, we're not only able to help BBPOS expand its European footprint, but also gain a valuable POS manufacturer for our card present offering to merchants. It's a win-win situation."

NMI has certified BBPOS's mPOS and standalone card readers, the WisePad 2 and WisePad 2 Plus, to Credorax, enabling deployments of this device range for the first time in Europe.

Credorax will provide the solution to merchants, having certified the devices for Visa ADVT and Mastercard MTIP. Using WiFi or GPRS, the WisePad 2 serves as a standalone mPOS device and is the only standalone device currently supported by NMI.

NMI's gateway technology will enable Credorax to provide all acquiring services to merchants, ISV's and ISO's using the solution.

"At BBPOS, we have always been committed to innovation, world-class design and outstanding quality for our users," said Robert Cook, chief Revenue officer at BBPOS. "It is this vision that has enabled us to grow into the global company we are today and are thrilled to be working with Credorax, whose mission is aligned with our own, to play this pivotal role in our European expansion."

Payment cards are the fastest growing cashless payment instrument in the EU and merchants' need for a reliable, secure and frictionless payment transaction is taking centre stage. Europe's payments landscape is gearing up to widespread change with the introduction of new requirements for authenticating online payments, known as SCA, which came into play on 14 September.

Emerging payment technologies like PIN-on-Mobile and tap-on-phone technologies, alongside contactless mPOS devices, like BBPOS' WisePad 2 and WisePad 2 Plus are critical to maintaining the EU's strong payments ecosystem and supporting merchants worldwide. 
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