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Convention for Maltese living abroad announced for October 2020

Saturday, 12 October 2019, 10:59 Last update: about 3 years ago

The Foreign Ministry announced that in October 2020 a convention for the Maltese living abroad will be held in Malta. The chosen theme is ‘Keeping Connnected’ and it will be largely devoted to workshops composed of Maltese who live abroad with the aim to discuss and submit new ideas and suggestions to better protect the interests of the Maltese diaspora abroad. This was announced by Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion Carmelo Abela during a press conference at the closure of the 10th annual meeting of the Council of Maltese living abroad, who for the last two met for their annual meeting  at the the buidling of the Ministry in Valletta.

Minister Abela also made reference to an increase in the registration of Maltese living abroad with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which is done through the submission of Form D, a form which is available on the Ministry’s website. This is a service offered by the consular directorate where through this information, the directorate can assist better these individuals in case of need.

Minister Abela remarked that the  teaching of the Maltese language will soon be available online through the creation of an online digital platform, a project which is being carried out through the Ministry for Education and Employment which has now  passed into the tender preparation phase.

Minister Abela also made reference to the other achievements attained in the interest of Maltese living abroad through the work of the council. These includes English subtitles for some of the production by the Public Broadcasting Services, the completion of Code of Ethics for members of the Council of Maltese Living Abroad, and the launch of Regional Committees.

Minister Abela made reference to the several issues that have been discussed in recent days. These included the review of Act XX of 2011 to regulate the Council; changing culture programs; registration of property which the Maltese have lives outside the Maltese Islands; the subtitles Maltese productions; matters relating to Maltese identity, ways how to better engage with Maltese Diaspora; the establishment of Regional Committees.

As the Minister remarked, the Maltese Council for Maltese that live abroad can also be considered as the official vehicle carrying ideas that promote the rights and interests outside Malta, with a view that, where possible, to be implemented by the Central Government.

Minister Abela spoke about the idea of a ​​global Malta in a globalised world, as the way to look at the Maltese diaspora in the coming years. “There is no us and them, our interests and theirs, but a common interest to boost Malta’s uniqueness”, said Minister Abela.

Minister Abela acknowledged the valuable work being done by the Council and the Directorate responsible for Maltese Living Abroad, which from this year has been amalgamated within a Directorate which also includes the Consular Services.

The Council of the Maltese living abroad is composed of 15 members, coming from various countries worldwide.

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